Museums and Art Galleries in Lincoln

Lincoln is one of the most historical cities in the UK. The city is rich in culture and history, but…

Lincoln is one of the most historical cities in the UK. The city is rich in culture and history, but knowing where to start exploring can be a challenge. We’ve rounded up a few local museums and art galleries in the area for you to visit on your next cultural day out.

Lincoln Museum

First on the list is a two-in-one. Lincoln Museum is split into two smaller buildings located just off the high street.

The collection features a substantial archaeological exhibition, organised by a timeline around the room that the participants can make their way around exploring different periods of Lincoln’s history. Beginning in the stone age, the exhibition takes you all the way to the Roman/ Anglo saxion era, to Viking times, and even Medevil Lincoln. The museum itself is very Lincoln-focused and really puts into perspective just how historical our lovely little city is.

The Usher Gallery is a large-scale art gallery full of exciting new and older pieces. Some notable pieces include views of Lincoln by L. S. Lowry the portrait of Joseph Banks by American artist Benjamin West and many other works of art to immerse yourself in. They also make an effort to exhibit many other local artists like Helena Handcocks.

Lincolnshire life museum

Located on top of the Hill, this museum is a really special experience. It celebrates the culture and life of the local people right back in the 1700s. The almost 2500 items exhibit the lives of the agricultural, commercial, domestic and industrial lives of Lincolnshire people.

Lincoln Castle

A little different to the others on this list, Lincoln Castle is a historical piece of architecture. Tickets are available to either walk along the outside of the wall or explore the interiors. Along the way, you can experience the towers, dungeons and explore the building’s dark history. If you’re in the mood for something a little more sinister, the Victorian prisons are steeped in history ranging back to 1848.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the various places you can indulge yourself in the city’s fascinating past, and appreciate the effervescent present.

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