Best of: Support for learning difficulties

The University has lots of support available for you if you have a learning difficulty, below we have complied the most important support to be aware of.

If you’re dyslexic, you can apply for Disabled Students Allowance – BGU Contributor

“Dyslexia is a recognised disability and you are most likely eligible for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSS). You must have an official diagnosis, but this allowance can help towards the cost of equipment to help you with your studies.”

You can get support through a PASS/LSP plan – Emma Smedley

“The PASS plan is a document which will be created and shared with both you and your school, and it will outline the details and specific areas where you may need extra support during your university sessions and during exams.”

There is a huge support network for anything you might need help with – Beth Gulliver

“Subject tutors have individual office hours, which you can find on BlackBoard, when you can drop-in and seek advice or help for your assignments. If this isn’t convenient, they are only an email away!”

A PASS plan can be created if you have suitable evidence for a disability, mental health condition, impairment or specific learning difference – Katie

“To create your Personalised Academic Study Support plan, you will need to email your evidence to the Student Wellbeing Centre at and have chat with one of the advisors via a drop-in session.”

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