Guidance on walking through the commons

Lincoln is fortunate to have two large commons at the west and the south of the city. These green spaces are perfect for walks and for feeling as though you are out the main hub of the city. However, these lands are also home to many varieties of wildlife and so there are certain rules and areas of safety that it is key to be aware of. Though the main points are covered here, this list is not exhaustive so be sure to read the signs at the commons for further information.

1. Take care around the horses

The main area of concern surrounding the common is the safety of the horses. Every resident householder within the city is entitled to graze a horse on any of the three commons, which means both commons can often be heavily populated with horses. Though these animals are often very docile and friendly, it is incredibly important to remember that these have owners who care for them, and so must not be fed for any reason.

If you are having a picnic on West Common, don’t forget to sit as far away from the horses as possible and take all your litter home with you. In case the horses do approach you be sure to keep any food and wrappers in a secure bag. Feeding horses without the owner’s consent is very dangerous, even if it seems like you are being kind.

2. Respect the rules

In order to keep the commons safe and allow everyone to enjoy them, there are certain rules in place. These can be seen on the signs at each entrance. As above, there are key terms in order to keep the horses safe, but there are also some rules that you may not expect. Certain things that are banned include camping, fires, metal detectors, digging and fireworks. Though it may seem like a lot of rules, they are all made with safety in mind, both for people and nature/wildlife and so it is very important that these are followed.

3. Barbecues are prohibited

One of these rules surrounds the use of barbecues. Though the weather is sometimes perfect for a barbecue, they are actually prohibited from being held on the common. Not only can barbecues burn the grass and destroy nature but should the barbecue not be put out properly, these can pose a big fire risk. Again, this is also a risk to the horses who may ingest the rubbish or ashes left behind.

By keeping this in mind, all can enjoy the commons and help to maintain it as a natural open space full of wildlife. Just remember – if there is ever an issue with the commons you can report this on the council website or on the West End Residents Association (WERA) Facebook page.

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