How to stay productive when uni work isn’t heavy.

Often at university it can feel like the workload hits you all at once, this is then followed by unforeseen stress and difficulty slotting this extra work into your life, especially when trying to balance everything else too. This article will offer a few tips to try and combat this time period and suggest ways you can manage stress by preparing little and often. 

The first step would be to write down all your deadlines and exams in one place that you can keep referring to, like on your pinboard. This will mean you’re able to know when these deadlines are approaching and hopefully not feel as overwhelmed as it will give you time to both mentally and physically prepare!

Another thing to do would be to create revision notes now, so you’re using them rather than creating them in exam season. This can also help you revise your current topics and allow you to highlight any areas where you’re not as confident, or generate any questions you may need to ask lecturers. 

Moreover, we always have things we say we’re going to do, but never end up doing as we become too busy. This is the perfect time to plan that social or go on that trip whilst university is quiet and less demanding. As well as giving you a well-needed break and allowing you to create some fun memories with your friends it’s a great method to de-stress in preparation for deadline season.

Additionally, if you find yourself, like many others, having to work to support yourself at university, this could be a great time to pick up some extra shifts, so you can do less when  uni work becomes heavier. Whilst still providing you peace of mind, this could mean you’re more focused on university and can work less during these periods. 

Finally, a great way to stay on top is by making the most of your free periods! Instead of scrolling through your phone whilst you wait for your next lecture, get going on your latest assignment! Even if this is just by reading through your assignment brief or finding a few relevant papers online, this all adds up to relieve your workload as the semester continues. 

As always you should enjoy this period and allow yourself to unwind in preparation for what is to come and seek help in areas you need!

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