Things to do in Lincoln on Halloween

Halloween is an extremely exciting and beloved holiday for many people, especially for those with a taste for horror and the supernatural! Everyone in Lincoln will be choosing to celebrate Halloween in their own ways, whether there will be children trick-or-treating or people throwing costume parties. However, for students, it may be hard to figure out what they want to do besides attending a traditional uni Halloween party. Here are some things to do in Lincoln if you want to find something else exciting to spend your time!

1. Pumpkin picking!

Most people will have already done this earlier in October but if you have not, there are still options for you. An easy way to get a pumpkin is most likely on your next food shopping trip to your local supermarket, although there are much more fun ways to find your perfect pumpkin. The Doddington Hall Pumpkin Patch is open up until the 31st of October from 10am to 4pm, with pumpkins ranging in price from £2 upwards depending on the size. There are also other pumpkin patches open in Lincoln if Doddington Hall is not where you want to go, click on the link to check out other farms available.  Being able to pick your own perfect pumpkin from a patch gives a special experience, making your Jack-O’-lantern extra unique this year.

2. Watching a Halloween film in the cinema!

An easy and accessible way to spend part of your Halloween day is to watch Halloween films with friends or on your own. It may be tempting to watch from home but the Brayford Odeon are showing some films that you may be interested in watching. For example, ‘Halloween Kills’ the next instalment following Michael Myers, ‘The Addams Family 2’ or ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ if you want a less gruesome, animated Halloween story and ‘Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone’ celebrating their 20th anniversary since their original release.

3. The Chainsaw Massacre Takeover!

An extremely thrilling event, recommended for 18+, is the Chainsaw Massacre Takeover. Axed Lincoln has some Halloween games and activities for people to play, such as axe throwing and limited-edition Halloween drinks. It will be a live event with scary company looking to spook you at the same time. Escaped Lincoln will also be running a Chainsaw Massacre escape room, said not to be for the faint of heart. It will be a live experience with encounters along the way if you choose to spend some time at their bar. These events will only be running from the 29th to the 31st of October 2021 from 4:30pm to midnight, so make sure to book soon if you want to have an interesting evening!

4. The Engine Shed Halloween Party!

However, if none of the activities listed before interest you at all, then there is always the university’s Halloween party to go to. They have a ‘Saved by the 90s night’ Halloween special on the 29th of October, a nineties themed costume is highly recommended to join in the fun. They will also be running another Halloween party on the 30th  of October, specifically spookier themed and decorated with classic Halloween props. Both nights will be great experiences, tailored specially for Lincoln students, so if a party is what you love best, you always have these to enjoy too! To buy the tickets, you just have to go to the Student Union website and find the events page where they will both be listed or click on the link and find the events on the list.

With so many Halloween events to enjoy with friends or by yourself, there will be something to do for everyone in Lincoln! Dress up in your best costumes and go to anything that sounds fun for you, Happy Halloween! 

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