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Settling into Lincoln

Congratulations, you’ve earned yourself a place at the University of Lincoln! Now that the hard part is over, here is a quick guide on how you can get settled into life as a student in Lincoln.

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Make this your home away from home

For many of you, this will be the first time that you are away from home for an extended period. Make sure you take the time to add your own personal stamp on your new room. Primark has some great home accessories, or maybe you would prefer to order online. Make use of student discounts! For example, you can get Amazon Prime at a reduced price as a student.

FreePrints is a great app for getting those photos off your camera roll and onto your wall.

Get to know your flatmates

The chances are most of you will come to university not knowing many people here, if anyone. The easiest people to get to know are those you live with.

Getting to know who you’re living with could be as simple as leaving your door open – this lets everyone know that you’re free for a chat. You could also bring some food to share and leave it in the kitchen.

Why don’t you and your current flatmates go out for lunch? There is a TGIs, Slug and Lettuce, Wetherspoons and so much more in Lincoln! One thing about the city is that there is always somewhere nice to go for food.

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Get exploring

Lincoln is an amazing city to explore, with immaculate views. This first week is the best time to wander around the city and see where you’ll be living for the next couple of years.

The best places to check out are:

  • The Castle
  • The Cathedral
  • West Common
  • Steep Hill

The list of places to go is never-ending. Here is an article on places you can be sure to visit in your first couple of weeks here.

And who said you have to visit these places on foot? One of the great things about Lincoln is that it is so bike-friendly. Why don’t you book through the SU Cycle Hire or download the hirebike app and explore the city through cycling?

Immerse yourself in all the university has to offer

Fresher’s Week will be packed with different activities each day. Some events will be done in partnership with different venues in the city, so this will be another great opportunity to explore Lincoln.

Make sure you check out the Societies Fair as well – now’s to time to discover any hobbies you didn’t know you had!

There is so much to do and see in Lincoln, and there is so much on that can help you meet new people and make friends. Check out the Student Union for more information on what’s on and what to do that can help you truly immerse yourself in the university experience!

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