Lincoln Bailgate in the snow

A guide to visiting Lincoln – everywhere you must see!

Although it is not a big city, Lincoln is an extremely scenic place, filled with historic monuments as well as beautiful parks where one can wander and explore. The best thing about Lincoln is that you can go on longer walks and see the main tourist places, which can be invigorating, especially during a stressful period or just to make the most out of sunny weather.

Personally, my favourite walk around the city would start down the High Street and head up to the Cathedral and Castle via Steep Hill. These are probably the most iconic spots of the city, which would leave you breathless, not just because of the hill but because of the views as well! 

During weekends, the places previously mentioned tend to be extremely busy, so it is always nice to have alternatives and luckily, there is plenty to choose from. One of my most used paths starts on the Brayford and continues towards the canal. This offers a really nice change of pace as in general it is not busy and hectic, but rather peaceful and calming. At some point, there is a sign that indicates a public footpath through a golf course and if you cross the street you can easily continue the walk around West Commons. This is, to my knowledge, one of Lincoln’s largest green areas and it is quite unique as horses can be spotted there daily. They are extremely beautiful and friendly and on some occasions they would come towards me, probably to see if I carried any treats. 

Another park, situated in the vicinity of West Commons, is Liquorice Park. Considerably smaller but with its own charm, it can be crossed via multiple paths and the top of it shelters a platform that offers a spectacular landscape of the campus and the city. The view is breathtaking at night as well, and the platform is really close to Lincoln Castle too. Another extremely beautiful park is the Arboretum, which can be accessed via 2-3 gates, depending on which way you’re walking from. It has some fountains, statues, stunning lawns, gazebos and ponds, which are home to ducks and occasionally swans. The incredibly tall trees offer great shade in summer and a spectacular display of colours in autumn. 

Lastly, I would like to mention the historical streets around the Castle and Cathedral that offer a variety of boutiques and restaurants, as well as one of the best ice cream places. Additionally, the Usher Gallery and Temple Gardens are a short stroll away from the iconic Cathedral and they offer a great spot for picnics, a nice art gallery (free entry) and a beautiful museum that offers information on Lincoln’s history as well as hosting temporary exhibitions. 

By Daria Suciu, an MChem Forensic Chemistry student from Romania.

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