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Eco-friendly grocery alternatives

This article from The Guardian outlines the results of a report by the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace in 2019.…

This article from The Guardian outlines the results of a report by the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace in 2019. The move to reusable shopping bags has been helpful but, with more than 1 plastic bag still being bought per household per week, and 896,853 tonnes of plastic packaging on the market from the 10 biggest UK supermarkets, there is still more we can do to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our weekly shop.

Lincoln Eco Pantry

Located in Bailgate at the top of Steep Hill, Lincoln Eco Pantry is a local zero waste shop helping you to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your everyday shopping. With two floors, and a variety of options from beauty products to kitchen staples, Lincoln Eco Pantry has plenty of alternatives for plastic-free shopping, and a number of their products support other local businesses in Lincoln, such as their coffee bean range. Simply take your own empty jars and tubs (or they have paper bags for you if you forget) and you can stock up on the things you need. 

Find their Facebook page here, and Instagram page here to check out a variety of products.

Forage and Fill*

For those who want to reduce their personal environmental impact, without having to trek up Steep Hill, Forage and Fill is another zero waste option located in the Central Market. Much like Eco Pantry, Forage and Fill have an excellent variety of everyday food staples, as well as eco-friendly products such as wax food wraps and washing up brushes. Ready to be packed up in recycled jars and tubs. Shops such as the two I have mentioned focus on supporting both local businesses and ‘green’ brands, who concern themselves with environmental conservation and sustainable practices, and are growing in popularity in the last few years.

Forage and Fill also currently offer a Click & Collect service, find details on their Facebook here, and check out their Instagram.

Fruit and Veg Market*

So much of our fruit and veg is wrapped in unnecessary packaging in regular supermarkets. The market has plenty of options for fresh, local fruit and veg for affordable prices. Also, I find that these products are of a much higher quality than supermarket ones, and still at reasonable prices. There are baskets and paper bags available, meaning you can pick up all of your fruit and veg in one place (although I would recommend taking a bag to carry it home in!). 

I would particularly recommend the lemons to make fresh, homemade lemonade (recipe below).

*Lincoln Central Market is open Mon-Sat, 9am to 4pm

Making simple, eco-friendly changes to your grocery shop is a great way to support local small businesses, as well as providing the opportunity to try new, healthy foods that are not readily available in supermarkets (and maybe some slightly less healthy vegan and GF sweets!).

Lemonade Recipe 

  • Per 500ml of water: 1 lemon, peeled & 50g caster sugar.
  • Blend lemons and sugar together, mix with water and strain.
  • Store in the fridge and stir before serving with ice.

The University of Lincoln, in collaboration with the University of Lincoln Students’ Union, is hosting a week of engagement on climate action, in support of COP26. Our aim is to inform, inspire and empower our community to act in response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency that the University of Lincoln declared in 2019.

Find out more about Climate Week and COP26.

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