Go Global stories: What it’s like to work abroad and how to make the most of it

Name: Pavla Vavříková
Subject: International Tourism Management, LIBS
Global Experience: Erasmus+ Study Exchange/Traineeship
Duration: 1 Term (Second Year – Study Abroad)/Summer 2018 (Work Abroad)
Location: Grenoble, France (Study)/Barcelona, Spain (Work)

In 2017, I spent the second semester of my second year of my undergraduate studies in Grenoble, France. I had a fantastic time in the ‘Capital of the Alps’. The study programme was slightly different to my course in Lincoln (I studied International Tourism Management in Lincoln, whereas the course at the Grenoble Alpes University was called ‘Business Administration in Europe’ with a focus on marketing), which broadened my horizons. I also met some wonderful people from all over the world, improved my French, went on hikes in the mountains surrounding Grenoble and got to discover more of France through trips with my Erasmus friends.

I then also did an Erasmus+ Traineeship My Erasmus+ internship in Barcelona for a company called Ambience Incentives was a bit different than I expected (it was a tiny agency with only 5 employees including me and it was not very busy that summer) but it was in my field (tourism) and it helped me gain some valuable professional experience and I spent a great summer in Barcelona.

Last year, I moved to the town of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. I was a bit nervous about finding a good job here but thanks to my studies, my internships and my French, which I kept working on after my Erasmus, I was quickly able to get exactly the job I wanted. I am now working for one of Europe’s leading online travel agencies and even though the past year has been quite difficult for the tourism sector and I spent most of last year on furlough, my managers are confident that in a few months’ time, our company will bounce back stronger than ever.”

Name: Chloe Deans (Alumni)
Subject: Public Relations, School of English and Journalism
Global Experience: Erasmus+ Traineeship
Role: PR and Sales Intern for a fashion agency
Duration: 4 months (directly after graduating)
Location: Milan, Italy

My Erasmus+ placement took me to Milan, to work as a PR and sales intern at a fashion agency. I headed to Milan the summer that I finished University and lived there for 4 months. It was such a great experience – from living in a different country and getting to know a new culture, to gaining hands on experience during my internship. It was great to be able to put all my knowledge and skills I gained from classroom learning into play, in a ‘real’ situation. I believe my Erasmus+ placement has benefitted my career greatly – particularly in securing my first role out of University, as I had something that other candidates could not offer – but has also made a great talking point during interviews, setting you apart from the crowd!

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