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Skills to learn whilst self-isolating/social distancing

This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it. We are currently in the midst of…

This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it.

We are currently in the midst of one of the most stressful periods of our lives; the advice is to not go outside unless essential.

Most people are social distancing at home, so instead of being stuck at home bored, why not try and learn some new skills to surprise people with once the Coronavirus has finally disappeared?

Here are a list of skills you can learn at home to fill your time!

1. The splits

Because who doesn’t want to be able to whip out the splits at the first party once this is all over.

Here is a handy tutorial that can help you learn. After a few weeks of stretching you may be able to do it!

2. Learn how to make a TikTok

It is fair to say that TikTok has taken over our lives. One minute you’re watching a funny dog TikTok video and 5 hours later you’re still watching a funny dog TikTok video.

There are many fun dances to learn on TikTok, obviously we have all seen the Renegade dance but why not try and learn it? This is one of many fun dances on TikTok that can fill your time.

Whilst you’re at it, why not check out our page for a lot of great content, ranging from dances, challenges and many tasty recipes.

3. Baking

I don’t know about you but I love cake. Now that all cafes are closed and you’re stuck inside, there is not better time than now to start.

@uolstudentlifePSA: CREME EGG BROWNIE RECIPE! 😍 ##foryoupage ##fyp ##cadburyscremeegg ##brownie ##recipe ##easyrecipe♬ original sound – uolstudentlife

Why not begin with this Creme Egg Brownie recipe? It is extremely tasty, and easy to make – the best combination.

4. Cooking

I also love food. But I have a very limited knowledge on how to make tasty food that involves more than 2 ingredients. Supermarkets may have a very limited supply of food right now, but there are many meals that you can still make.

@uolstudentlifeSuper simple Mediterranean chicken ##fyp ##foryou ##easyrecipe ##uolstudentlife ##student ##studentlife ##tiktokrecipe♬ original sound – uolstudentlife

You could start with a simple Mediterranean Chicken recipe!

5. Learn a language

We may not be able to travel right now, but why not prepare for your next adventure?

I used to love learning to speak French but I gave up when I started my A-Levels. Now seems like a better time than any to start learning again!

Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese – why not give them all a go? When we can travel again, you’ll be able to impress the locals with your knowledge of their language.

6. Do your university work

Let’s be honest, we’re all treating this like an early holiday. Whilst everything else in our lives has paused, deadlines are still approaching. These new skills will be very fun to learn but you should probably get that university work out of the way first.

A Student Studying at University

Remember to have fun and stay inside!

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