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Getting involved – how and why every student should

Moving into university can be a nerve-wracking experience as it is something completely new and a level of education that you probably haven’t experienced before.

It is completely natural to feel nervous in this situation and to be unsure of how to approach this new part of your life. This post will discuss a few easy ways to get involved and make friends whilst transitioning into uni life.

Join the Lincoln Friends network

Lincoln Friends for Life is a campaign run by the university to unite you with other prospective students that have similar interests. Simply sign up to the mailer, select a few interests, and they do all the hard work. Using the Applicants 2020 Facebook page you’ll see weekly opportunities to chat with similar people about the interests you selected, and you’ll get notified via email each time. You’ll also be invited to the official course and accommodation groups, so you can connect before you arrive! You can find out more and sign up here!

Find a part time job

A part time job is a great way to earn a little bit of extra money to support you at university. It’s also an easy way to expand your social horizons and can be a great way of meeting new people and making new friends. The university has a wide range of jobs available on campus. The university also has an online portal called Career Linc where you can view a variety of local part time job, placement and internship opportunities.

Become a rep for your course

At the start of the academic year there is an opportunity to put yourself forward to be elected as a course representative. A Course Rep’s role is to gather feedback, ideas and issues from their peers on their course so that they can take those idea to meetings in their Schools and rep Forums at the SU. Becoming a course rep is a brilliant way of getting stuck into university life as it not only gives you experience in academic representation but it also gives you an opportunity to socialise more with your peers but also with other like minded reps.

Join a sport or a society

With over 150 different societies ranging from the Terrible Film Society to the Breads and Spreads society, no matter what you like there is guaranteed to be a society that you would enjoy. Joining a society allows you to spend time doing something you enjoy with other like-minded people. This is great for making new friends and with lots of inter-society competitions and activities it’s also a good opportunity to take a break from university work.

Flat nights in or out

Nothing brings people together more than spending time with them. With a different student night in town every day of the week there are plenty of opportunities to go out with flatmates and course mates. The SU also arranges a plethora of different activities throughout the year such as quiz and game nights. These can be a great bonding experience for any group.

More information about the different support the university has in place throughout your studies here can be found on the SU website.

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