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What’s in the Asian supermarket?

Although I was excited to try British food, I cannot live without my Vietnamese food.

Fish and chips, roast potatoes and gravy are nice enough, but they are all new to me so it’s good to be able to buy the food I grew up with in Ho Chi Minh City.

When I decided to come to Lincoln I didn’t just research the accommodation and way of studying – I made sure that I knew where I could buy delicious food as soon as I arrived.

Luckily, there are two Oriental supermarkets in Lincoln to keep Asian students full and happy.

The smaller one is called Morning Sun on the High Street (next to Subway) and the bigger one is called Golden Leaf and is located on 24 Portland Street. Both are within easy walking distance of the main campus.

Between them you can find rice, rice cookers, ingredients, vegetables and other amazing things.

If you are Chinese, or love Chinese food, you can find hotpot sauce, Chinese sausage, dim sum, tofu, fresh cake, noodles, even milk tea. Lovers of Korean food can buy Kimchi, chilli sauce, rice vermicelli, tteokbokki.

Those looking for Vietnamese food can get rice, Pho ingredients, rice cookers, fish sauce, Knorr Soup, and even Hao Hao instant noodle.

Thai food is one of the most well-loved in the world and there are many items to help you cook authentic dishes including Pad Thai and Tom Yum.

Japanese food fans can find sushi nori, udon noodle, matcha, and milk tea. There are also many types of other vegetables, snacks, dried food, tea and even kitchen appliances, which can help you to become an Oriental master chef in Lincoln.

The products are the real thing and are imported from other countries, therefore the price is higher than back home. However, it is reasonable compared to the usual UK supermarkets.

There is another interesting option too for people who like to try new tastes.

Super Lincs is an Eastern European supermarket which supplies many things, that can be useful to Asian students. It is also on the High Street and close to campus.

Another option is to travel to bigger cities like Nottingham and buy items from other Oriental supermarkets. The stores there are bigger and have more products, and could be cheaper than Lincoln, but you should consider how you will travel back with them.

The main thing to remember is that you can come straight to Lincoln without any worries of missing your traditional food. You’ll be full and happy and ready to take on the British weather!

Written By Anh, MSc Tourism and Marketing student from Vietnam

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