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Registering to vote: how and why?

I know.

As I am sure everyone is very much aware, our current political climate is both unpredictable and uncertain, especially right now! I am someone who likes to keep as up to date and informed as possible politically, but I often get completely overwhelmed with how powerless I feel when I see big decisions being made or discussed. Things just always seem to be changing!

However, one way I feel I can regain my power is through knowing I have the power to vote! It is important to vote as it gives you a direct say in your future and the future of others.

Some people, for a variety of circumstances, are unable to vote so it is extra important to have your say in what you think is the best political decision.

We may have an election coming very soon so I thought I’d show how easy and quick it is to register yourself, so as you can have your say.

Step 1 – Go to the website

The form is accessible through the website. You will find yourself immediately on this page, and all you have to do is click start now. Everything on this website is very clearly labelled and you can change the language settings if you need to.

Screenshot of giving instructions for how people can register to vote

Step 2 – Have the information ready

You will need your National Insurance Number, or your passport if you are living abroad but are still a British Citizen. It is also important to be aware that if you are reading this as someone who has already registered but since then changed address/name/nationality, you do need to register again.

Step 3 – Answer the relevant questions

You will be asked questions ranging from your nationality, to your personal details. The questions are very straight forward and all you need to do is click on the answer that correctly applies to you.

Screenshot of detailing nationality options.

Step 4 – Complete your registration

Once you have finished answering all the questions, the website will ask you to ‘submit’ your registration and you will soon receive confirmation that you are able to vote. The process of registering takes only about 5 minutes and, most importantly, you are now able to go out there and have your say. Congratulations, you can now vote!

Step 5 – Go out and vote!

Whenever the opportunity presents itself for you to vote, make sure you take it! You are now registered and fully set to cast your vote, so write down the day you need to and where your local polling station is, so you don’t forget. If you cannot make it to the polling station you can also register to vote by post here. Or if you cannot do either, you can give permission to someone to vote on your behalf.

So please go online and register to vote – tell your friends and family how to register too. Now that you are registered, have a say in your future!

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