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Cheap, romantic Valentine's Day ideas

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you may already be planning your special day with your significant other. Being a student means the budget could tight, but there are ways to avoid the expenses that Valentine’s Day can bring. Some of them might even make the day a bit more magical.

The ‘cliche’ idea

If you’re tired of the usual routine of sitting in front of a TV and watching a classic Rom-Com with the lights dimmed, then try this:

  • Buy a small bouquet of flowers from any supermarket and lay each flower, or petal, around the room. Then, dot some tea lights around the room (you can get a pack of 30 for around £1.20). You’ll create a romantic ambience, a small but sweet gesture, and create the perfect ‘date’ environment!

Price: around £8  (£6 for flowers; £1-£2 for candles)

The ‘subtle’ idea

If candles and flowers are a bit too sweet for you, this idea may suit you perfectly:

  • Create a cute night in with Monopoly or card games. A basic but fun activity which won’t cost you a penny if you know someone with a set of cards or a board game that you can borrow for the night! Add a couple of drinks and some slow, jazzy music in the background (I personally recommend a bit of Seth MacFarlane) and you have an exciting, low-key night in with your S.O. 

Price: literally just the price of the drink!

The ‘night-out’ idea

Wanting to splash out a bit more than a few quid and leave the house for the night? No problem!

  • Try a theatre trip. Amateur theatre is quite cheap, and the value you get for your money is amazing. I’ve seen amateur shows that were half the price of a professional production, and I’ve enjoyed them so much more! Do some research, find a theatre that’s nearby and see what’s on. Student tickets are usually cheaper than standard, so you could only be spending around £20-£25 for the entire date (that’s if you’re paying for the both of you!)

Price: £20-£25  (maybe another £10 if you want some sweets and a drink whilst you watch, but if you take some in your bag, you can buy them cheaper in other stores!)

Although, you don’t have to take your boyfriend or girlfriend on dates and give them flowers to be romantic. You can make their day a little bit more special by just helping them out. Wash the dishes, make them a cup of tea in the morning, cook them some breakfast! A romantic gesture is never limited to dates, and it’s usually more appreciated when you do little things that make them smile.

So, whether you’re snuggling up with your love, or having a drink with your girls for ‘Galentines’, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a romantic and fun evening. Just remember, a good date shouldn’t be about how much money you spend, but how valuable the time is that you spend together. Happy Valentines!