The Gateway student building.

What it’s like living in a studio flat

Deciding to live alone is a big step and there are lots of things to consider. What will it be like? Will you get lonely? Will you ever meet new people? Here are some of my experiences and things to consider about living in a studio flat.

No mess…kind of

It’s great not having to worry about other people making a mess, or trying to do your washing up without disturbing other people’s piles of dirty dishes.

But at the same time, if there is a mess, it’s your problem. No one is going to come and clean the bathroom or hoover the carpet for you. Furthermore, since your living space is also your bedroom and your kitchen, it’s super important to keep everything tidy.

You can do whatever, whenever

It is amazingly freeing to be able to cook dinner at 2 am or have a shower at 4 am if that is what you want. You don’t have to worry about waking anyone up or getting in the way.

If you tend to keep to an unusual schedule (like me) it can be great to be able to fully embrace it. Although it might not help you make it to your 9ams!


It’s not as quiet as you think


I lived in a studio in Brayford Quay and all things considered, it wasn’t much quieter than a standard flat. The walls aren’t any thicker and you aren’t really that separate from everyone else.

So, if you think you’ll never be woken up early or kept up late ever again, think again! Being on the ground floor didn’t help though, so consider that if you get the chance to choose.

It’s not that lonely

Personally, I didn’t really feel lonely during my time in a studio! I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re in your first year, as it can really help to be forced in with some people to make friends.

But I was in a studio for third year and it was great for me, I could go out and see people when I wanted to, but I had somewhere to go and crank out my dissertation without anyone bothering me.

Being in student accommodation really enabled me to feel part of a little community despite living ‘alone’. Brayford Quay had lots of events and a great common room, so it always felt like there was something going on.