How to de-stress after exams or assignments

As the exam season at the university comes to an end it is important to take some time to relax.…

As the exam season at the university comes to an end it is important to take some time to relax. To help you unwind, here are some great tips on how de-stress after your exams!


After working hard, you deserve time to celebrate getting to the end of your deadlines!

You could organise a celebratory meal, movie or club night with friends or family to commemorate your achievement.

Catch up with your friends or family

During busy periods of assignments or exams, it can be hard to stay in contact with friends and family as it is easy to become engrossed in revision and stress.

So, it is important to catch up and talk to those close to you and see if you can schedule a time to meet up and reconnect!

Have some ‘me-time’

The stress of having lots of deadlines can sometimes lead to some students working for long hours and not allowing themselves to have much downtime.

It is important to take some time off to de-stress to reward your hard work, this could be as simple as applying a sheet mask and relaxing at home or starting a new television series.

Spend time outdoors

Spending time outdoors has great benefits for your mental health and post-exam nerves!

You could go for a walk or a run to West or South Common, the Canal, or along the Brayford. There are many beautiful outdoor locations around Lincoln for you to explore!

Taking advantage of the scenic routes can make you feel rejuvenated after spending a lot of time revising or writing indoors at a desk. Whilst outdoors, listening to music or a podcast could help take your mind off of your exams.

Think positively

Focus on the things you did well in your exam or assignment, rather than focusing on where you feel you may have gone wrong.

Remind yourself that you can no longer control the outcome and remember you did the best you can!

If you practice positive thinking you can focus on the joys of being done with your deadlines instead of the upcoming results.

Tidy up your workspace

You can help to clear your mind by tidying and de-cluttering your desk space of your exam revision or assignment materials, so they are no longer in view.

This can help to reduce nerves and allow you to become excited about any plans you have made for after your exams or hand-ins.

Make plans for results or feedback day

If you make plans for something enjoyable on the day you expect to receive your results, this could calm your nerves.

Organising a celebration or fun activity with friends could shift your focus to something positive rather than worry.

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