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Grocery Shopping for International Students

Some of the best Asian, African, European, Halal and Kosher options in Lincoln


Morrisons is only a short walk from the university campus, with lots of choices and variety. It’s not the cheapest option for food shopping in Lincoln, however, there is a large variety of world foods in Morrisons, including Kosher food! This is important as Lincoln has no dedicated Kosher food shop, so large supermarkets like Morrisons and Tesco are your best bet. Browse Morrisons Kosher range online here

Address: Morrisons, Tritton Rd, Lincoln, LN6 7QL
Walking time from campus: 10 minutes (0.5 miles)

Morrisons Lincoln
Morrisons on Tritton Rd (Image courtesy of Google Maps)


Lidl is a little bit further away from the university, however, it’s excellent for more European foods and shopping on a budget. They have a fresh bakery full of pastries and bread, and alongside food options, they also sell general household essentials at lower prices than bigger supermarkets.

Address: Lidl, Dixon St, Lincoln LN6 7SA
Walking time from campus: 18 minutes (0.9 miles)

Lidl Lincoln
Lidl on Dixon St (Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Tesco Express

Tesco Express is very close to campus, making it a very convenient option if you need some groceries quickly, however, it is fairly expensive and there’s not much variety. If you wanted to go to a bigger Tesco, there’s one on Canwick Road and one on Wragby Road.

Address: 158b High St, St Marks St., Lincoln LN5 7AA
Walking time from campus: 5 minutes (0.3 miles)

Tesco Lincoln
Tesco Express at St Marks (Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Asia Supermarket

This store is also very close to campus, next to the Junxion building, and has a large variety of food and drink from Asian countries. At the back of the shop, there is a section where you can buy rice and flour in bulk, saving the need for as many trips! It even has dedicated parking spaces located next to Junxion if you’ll be driving in Lincoln!

Address: Saint Mark Street Unit 3 The Junxion, Lincoln LN5 7BA
Walking distance from campus: 3 minutes (0.2 miles)

Asia Supermarket Lincoln
Asia Supermarket on St Marks St (Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Super Lincs International Supermarket

Located on the high street, Super Lincs sells traditional and branded food from all over the world, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. There are lots of different types of Asian and Eastern European foods and it is a great place to go if you’re feeling homesick or want to experience foods from different cultures.

Address: 116 High St, Lincoln LN5 7PR
Walking time from campus: 10 minutes (0.5 miles)

Super Lincs Lincoln
Super Lincs on the high street (Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Golden Leaf Chinese Supermarket

Located on Portland Street, Golden Leaf is a great place to go if you’re living around the Sincil Bank/High Street areas of Lincoln. They have a large selection of Chinese foods, drinks and sauces to choose from.

Address: 24 Portland St, Lincoln LN5 7JX
Walking time from campus: 9 minutes (0.4 miles)

Golden Leaf Lincoln
Golden Leaf Oriental Supermarket on Portland Street (Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Morning Sun Supermarket

Morning Sun is located in the pedestrianised area (no cars are allowed) of the High Street and is a popular choice for international students. At just a short walk from the university, they have a large selection of frozen and fresh food to choose from!

Address: 341A High St, Lincoln LN5 7DQ
Walking time from campus: 6 minutes (0.3 miles)

Morning Sun Lincoln
Morning Sun Supermarket (Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Madina Food Store

Also located on the High Street, if you’re looking for traditional African food or Halal options, Madina Food Store is a great place to go! They have a large selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, and canned foods to choose from.

Address: 383- 384 High St, Lincoln LN5 7SF
Walking time from campus: 10 minutes (0.5 miles)

Madina Food Lincoln
Madina Food Store on the High Street (Image courtesy of Google Maps)
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