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Best Vegan food options in Lincoln

If you are a Vegan sometimes your options can seem pretty slim when eating out in restaurants and café, most…

If you are a Vegan sometimes your options can seem pretty slim when eating out in restaurants and café, most restaurants, whilst catering for Vegan preferences, often have a limited vegan menu. Lincoln, whilst limited in its vegan options, does have a few gems hidden around the city therefore, I have compiled a selection of the best Vegan food options when eating out in Lincoln.

Happy Culture Café

Take a left turn at the very start of the cobbled stones of Steep Hill and you will find Happy Culture. Happy Culture café is a plant-based, non-profit community-led business with a focus on positive social action, the founders Natalie and William Goodacre wanted to create a space within the city which centres around positivity and community togetherness. It is 100% plant-based and offers a range of café style food and drink such as sandwiches, wraps, coffee and teas. The interior design is also pretty bright and playful which makes the space feel comfortable and engaging. As well as offering food and drink, the café also hosts a range of events from yoga classes to baby play groups.

Café Shanti

Café Shanti is a small café located just right off of the Highstreet opposite TGI Fridays. Café Shanti is a Nepalese/British vegan restaurant serving traditional Nepalese food. The restaurant is brilliantly decorated in patterns and symbols from Nepalese culture. As of December 2022, the restaurant ownership switched hands, and plans for the future include new menu items, for example, there are proposals for a fully vegan roast dinner. Once the only Vegan restaurant in Lincoln, hopefully, it has a bright future ahead.

Slow Rise Pizza

Just opposite Happy Culture lies another Vegan-friendly restaurant, Slow Rise Pizza! Slow Rise is a Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant with a range of pizza options as well as desserts. Luckily for vegans, every item with animal products on the menu has an equally indulgent vegan alternative. The founders are vegetarians themselves so are really committed to making high-quality vegan and vegetarian alternatives with flavours directly inspired by the Neapolitan counterpart.

Toby Carvery

If you are looking for a decent vegan roast dinner, the Toby Carvery offers everything a meat-based roast dinner would with the option to remove the meat. There are plenty of other things to put on your plate instead including roast potatoes and Yorkshires. The gravy is also vegan-friendly and there is a variety of vegetables to choose from. The Toby Carvery in Lincoln is located to the left of the University library if you were looking at it straight on.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, hopefully, this summary provides a good overview of what Lincoln has to offer Vegans in terms of food options.

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