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Best of: Overcoming homesickness

It’s very common to feel homesick at any point during uni, we are here to offer you our best advice on getting through it!

Feeling homesick at university is very normal – Lucie Robertson

“Ensure you that you immerse yourself in your degree, your social life, and explore your new home here in Lincoln. There are so many pretty sites and walks to discover. Joining a society is a really good way to make friends, and it’s never too late to join one.”

Make your new home as comfortable as possible – Annabella Lam

“The unfamiliarity of the new place you are meant to call home now may also contribute to the want to go home. For me personally, the empty walls and unpacked belongings contributed to homesickness as it felt strange and uncomfortable, something I was not used to. By unpacking as soon as possible and decorating the room with your belongings, it can help to ease you into the new place as it will help to make the room more familiar to you.”

Bring home comforts – Ben Cartwright

“Bringing something to help you remember home will help you not miss it as much. Having a little piece of where you came from always helps. Whether it’s a picture of your parents, a blanket or even a recipe to a family-secret dish, bring ’em to uni!”

Talk to someone – Aidan

“I found, particularly in my first year, that a 20-minute phone call home usually had me feeling a lot better. Whether it be to a friend or a family member. It really helps you realise that they’re still there no matter how far away you are.”

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