Lincoln’s newest dog cafe – Escobarks Canine Coffee House

By now, I’m sure you would have seen and/or visited Lincoln’s resident cat cafe ‘Coffee Cats’ but as of last month a new coffee house has opened up called ‘Escobarks’ – a dog cafe. I visited with my flatmates and wanted to share my experience and introduce you to some of the canine friends found inside!

My experience

We visited for a friends birthday. There were four of us and before hand, I messaged the cafe on Instagram enquiring about booking. They replied pretty quickly and said that we could pop in any time in the afternoon. We went along the next day and were greeted by the owners and their dogs. They have a double-door system in place which means the dogs have no way of running at you until you feel comfortable to enter. Once you go through, you enter a back room with a sofa, cushions, an abundance of dog toys and treats. Once we had settled down, the owners (who are absolutely lovely and a joy to talk to) took our orders. Luckily, on the 27 degree day we visited – they had a range of slushies and iced coffees available so we took advantage of that! We sat down with the dogs, gave them treats and fuss and generally just had a chat with the owners. We were there for 90 minutes, but there’s no strict time slot available. Entry was just £3, and the drinks themselves were so affordable we had several!

The dogs

(Taken from @escobarkscoffee on IG)


This is Freddie. Freddie appears in the cafe only on Fridays for short periods. He’s an incredibly anxious dog, but his owners are slowly building up his tolerance to strangers in the hope that he can settle in like the other dogs. Freddie has a brother, Custard, who is yet to visit the cafe.

(Taken from @escobarkscoffee on IG)


Stanley is a three-legged pug who is also a frequent visitor at the cafe!

(Taken from @escobarkscoffee on IG)


Pablo is an adorable tiny chihuahua (one of three). He’s known as the cafe’s CEO, given his name – Pablo Escobark. He appreciates a good breeze on a hot summers day, thanks to the cooling unit in the building.

(Taken from @escobarkscoffee on IG)


This is Polly. She may be the smallest but she’s definitely in charge. She adores playing with Freddie, and frequently plays tug of war!

(Taken from @escobarkscoffee on IG)


This is Yoda! Notice her rather stand out-ish ears? I wonder how she got the name! Despite only just turned two, she’s definitely the mediator when it comes to playing.

If you’re interested in going, I’d highly recommend it! Not just for it’s unique-ness but to support this new local business. To find out more, follow @escobarkscoffee on Instagram.

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