50 Things To Do In Lincoln Before You Graduate

First of all, congratulations to every student who has finished the year! We did it!

Finishing second year but not feeling like you have really *seen* Lincoln? Here are 50 ideas of things to do to finish your university life off the right way, that are very Lincoln, very university student, and sometimes oddly specific. These can be done drunk or sober!

  • A Cathedral Visit: University of Lincoln Students get into the Cathedral for FREE! So grab your student ID, a couple pals, and head up to the Cathedral. There are lots of interesting rooms, statues and stain glass windows to explore.
  • Have a Hot Chocolate at Jenny’s Cafe: My friends and I LOVE Jenny’s. It’s just along from Ann Summers, on the left beside Trebles, and makes some of the best hot chocolates in Lincoln. (No, I’m not just saying that.)
  • A Lincoln Ghost Tour
  • Visit Coffee Depot and consult their ‘Specials’ Board
  • Find the Quack duck: Keep an eye out on the Lincoln Student’s Union Instagram before Quack, and follow their clues, to find yourself a Quack duck before the event.
  • A Playzone Visit: You may not know this, but Tuesday evenings at Playzone between 6pm and 8:30pm, it is a student night at Playzone! What a neat idea! Here’s your chance to live your childhood again, for the cheap price of £7!
  • Drag Bingo at Mailbox: From 8pm with Celine Begone at Mailbox, you can win cash, hoodies, free drinks, and more, as well as having a blast and listening to your favourite tunes – and eating good food!
  • A Bottomless Brunch: Slug and Lettuce, Craft, the Botanist, Mailbox, Cosy Club – a Brunch is a fantastic way to spend a day! Good food, drinks, and friends.
  • Urban Putters – Lincoln’s Crazy Golf
  • Escape Rooms – Put your brain to the test!
  • Axe Throwing – Something a bit different, however something equally cool, compete with your friends to see who is the best axe-thrower!
  • Visit ‘Goosy’ on the Brayford, and all his friends.
  • Have a Towers Dessert – I recommend the Brownie!
  • Go on the Brayford Belle for a Tour!
  • Attend a Drag Show at Scene
  • Buy a bottle of water on a night out from OneStop after 3am.
  • Take the stairs at the Railway (At least once)
  • Sit beside the Brayford with a meal deal (or Carholme Chippy).
  • Visit the Lincoln Market
  • Have a cocktail at Craft on the Swings
  • Visit the Cat and Dog Cafés (Coffee Cats on the Strait, and Escobark’s Canine Coffee House, The High Street.
  • Pop into the Gin Gift Shop on Steep Hill for a frozen cocktail pouch.
  • Go to 200 Degrees for a Milkshake/Smoothie!
  • Visit the Castle and see Lucy the Dragon
  • Go on the Castle Walls
  • Visit the Art Galleries
  • Watch a movie at Odeon with your course mates
  • Visit Alive Café and try something from their vegan menu.
  • Do a tour of the independent shops up Steep Hill.
  • Do the Theme at Quack
  • Buy a Coffee in Minerva before a lecture
  • Do an all-nighter in the library
  • Visit West Common and have a picnic.
  • Complain about the wind. (Because it is very windy).
  • Do a Photoshoot around campus (With or without a diss).
  • Get a Photo with the Bull
  • Get a photo at Quack – Bonus points if they advertise with either of these.
  • Get photobooth pictures: Many locations, including Home, Trebles and Carousel, have their own photobooths – make sure you grab friends, and have your pics taken, for a cute piece of memorabilia!
  • Go for a walk to the Arboretum
  • Take a bus to Waitrose and explore Nettleham fields. (It’s nice up there, promise).
  • Do a Monday Night at Bierkeller.
  • Do a Quids at Mokka.
  • Do a Holy Trinity Night (Trebles, Home and Scene).
  • Get something from Café Gelato
  • Visit the Crown Court
  • Walk around Sincil Bank and find the Isaac Newton Murals.
  • Visit the Straight and Narrow
  • Have a drink in the Magna Carter
  • Visit the Christmas Market
  • Do Karaoke at the Swan on a Wednesday (Followed by Quack, perhaps?)

And there you have it! Fifty Lincoln Things to do before you Graduate! I didn’t quite do all fifty, but I gave it a good go, some of my favourites include Playzone, a Crown Court visit (As a law student) and the Christmas Market!

These are good for drinkers, non-drinkers, and everyone in between!

Enjoy exploring Lincoln and feeling like you have really earned your blue stripes when you graduate (You know, incase a degree wasn’t enough.)


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