How to use Creative Connect to plan creative projects with students over the summer.

Are you in need of a performer, designer, media practitioner or writer? Creative connect is the place you can find the talent you need to take your project to the next level! Creative Connect is a great tool for all students at the University of Lincoln, no matter the course, to help them find the perfect creative collaborative partners.

Creativity thrives when different disciplines work together, collaboration is at the heart of the creative practice and Creative Connect is the perfect hub for this to spark. Along with allowing you to partner with like-minded students you can also discover new avenues for yourself and gain experience in a professional, working environment, working on improving your creative talents as well as expanding your portfolio. 

In order to attract the creatives you need, you must first create an individual profile page on Creative Showcase. This is the University’s public-facing website allowing students from all disciplines to show off their talents. It is often the first place employers go to looking for student commissions and employment of recent graduates. It further provides a platform for students to explore each other’s work and provides an opportunity to encourage collaboration.  High-quality photos along with a detailed, thought-out profile will give you the best chance of finding the right people, or being found by the right ones! It’s like creating a mini-portfolio to exhibit your best work.

Placing an advert to find a creative collaborator is extremely easy and can be completed in just 3 simple steps! 

  1. First of all, you must set up your profile and arrange how other creatives will contact you. 
  2. The next step is to select which creative discipline you are looking for and describe the project you’ll be working on. In order to attract the people, you need it is good to put as much detail into this section as possible. Write exactly what you need and perhaps even how this can enhance the creative’s discipline!
  3. Most importantly you must read and confirm the Creative Connect Terms of Use and make your first post!

If you are a creative yourself you are able to receive the latest collaborative opportunities to your inbox by subscribing to the creative connect email, found on the website. It’s the best way to see all of the latest adverts and be the first to reply to the opportunities and be seen!

Once you’ve completed these steps you’re all ready to find like-minded creatives, as well as be seen by them! Make sure you keep your portfolio and profile updated to showcase your advancing skillset and latest projects!

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