All you need to know about the student life app!

Have you heard of the Student Life app? If not, then, you should get it! There are loads of cool features that help with your wellbeing and mental health and loads of articles and videos as well! Want to know more? Look no further, in this article we’ll go over all of the features!

Your feed

Here you will find all the latest content that has been shared on the app, on our blog and on our social media sites. You can scroll through and click the articles you want to read by clicking the button immediately below the post – the same applies to the video content.

Mood faces

Mood faces can be found in the journal section of the app. Once daily, you can click the face that represents how you are feeling that day and write about the reasoning behind your emotions. Keep doing this to keep track of your moods and how they fluctuate depending on different factors. You can view your mood records by month.


These are at the centre of the app and allow you to keep track of habits that will improve your wellbeing! There are lots of different options and things to work on!


Found in the habits section on the top left are the challenges! These currently include pre-uni challenges which will help you best prepare for your new uni life.


This is where you can find really useful content from the Student Life team all in one place! There are videos to watch, articles to read from our blog as well as episodes from the Fresher Take Podcast and self-help guides to explore.


Charley is a chatbot and digital wellness coach available to help you navigate the app and suggest features which you might find most useful. Don’t be afraid to say hi!

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