How to stay in touch with friends after Graduation

After the best part of many years together, it can be tough to realise that your friends are now split apart again. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t still maintain your relationships and continue valued friendships you’ve built over your time at university. Here are five ways that you can stay in touch with friends after graduation.

Make the most of group chats

Even with the best of intentions, when your group of friends is dispersed all over the country, it can be difficult to find the time to visit when you’re working every day. Group chats are a great way to keep up contact when you can’t visit in person. It’s important to bare in mind that everyone will be busier now, and so communication may not be as frequent but that doesn’t mean it is lost altogether.

Make use of video calls 

On top of group chats, make use of video calls! Where group chats may happen less frequently, planning a video call every month or so will give you dedicated time to all get together and catch up on what you’ve been doing individually.

Plan meet ups

More often than not, your uni friends may have travelled from parts of the country you’ve never been to, maybe even never heard of! You could choose to meet up for a weekend somewhere in the middle, or all take it in turns to host in your hometown. Not only will this get you all back together, but it will let you all get to know each other even more and form new types of connections

Make meaningful gestures

Going beyond social media and sending a letter or a postcard once in a while will both be a meaningful gesture as well as a lovely keepsake for you to all treasure. You don’t have to be on holiday or doing anything special either. Try buying some fun postcards and stamps, keep them close to hand, and write a few brief words to your friends every now and then.

Be there for the key moments

Even if you can’t stay in touch or meet as frequently as you like, making a group pact to be there for the biggest moments like those big birthdays, weddings or other events, will make sure that you never lose sight of what’s important and keep you all close to those key life moments. 

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