Could the MASH service help you?

Do you struggle with the maths part of your course? Is the statistical analysis you need to do for your dissertation driving you insane? Do you want to expand your maths knowledge? If any of these apply to you then MASH may be able to help you! In this post, I will be discussing the services that MASH offers and how you can utilise them.

What is MASH?

MASH is the university’s Maths And Stats Helpcentre that is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate UoL students as well as staff members too! If you are struggling with the maths part of your course or you would like to improve the knowledge that you already have, MASH could help you! One of the great things about MASH is that it’s a personal service that gives one to one advice so you don’t need to be worried about making any silly mistakes as your advisor is completely judgement-free!

What support do they provide?

MASH provide a very in depth large range of support. On their website, they have links to key books and resources that are available on campus that might help with anything you are struggling with. In addition to this, they have a plethora of how-to guides that explain in detail how to use SPSS and Minitab for statistical testing.

How can I book an appointment?

Standard appointments are 45 minutes long but range from 20 to 60 minutes and your advisor could potentially offer you a longer appointment if you require it. To book an appointment all you need to do is click here for maths support or here for stats support. You will then need to input some key details about your query and availability to ensure you get the best help possible at a time that suits you!

I’m really busy, can I still book an appointment?

One of the great things about MASH is its flexibility! Both maths and stats appointments can be given at the weekend or select weekday evenings so do not be put off from making the most of the service even if you have a busy schedule. Upon submitting an appointment request you will usually be contacted within three working days and receive an appointment within two weeks.


MASH workshops are a great way to get in-depth knowledge explained in a way that you can actually understand. There is a wide variety of topics with several sessions on using SPSS and even bespoke workshops too. You can find more information about the workshops MASH provide and express interest in joining one (or several) here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I hope it has given you some further insight into the support that MASH offers. You can check out their website for more information. If you want more tips for making your time at university easier check out the studying section of the student life website.

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms; it is about understanding”

William Paul Thurston
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