Showing Friends you Love them and Appreciate them

It is so important to show your friends how much they mean to you. They’re the ones that are always there for you and sometimes they need reminding

Here are some things you can do to show your friends how much you appreciate them…

Simple things you can do…

Showing someone you appreciate them doesn’t have to be done by spending lots of money or doing something too complicated. Simple things you can do include:

  • Give them a call
    • Putting some time aside to give someone a call and have a chat with them is really important – discuss what you’ve been doing this week or what your plans are this weekend!
  • Invite them round for a cup of tea or coffee
    • Similarly to giving someone a call, this is really good for catching up with friends and asking what they’ve been up to – it’s also great to get together to make plans for something to do together at a later date
  • Study together
    • Whether you are studying the same course or not, getting uni work done while in the company of someone else works really well for a lot of people as you can help to motivate each other
    • Similarly, if you are on the same course, discussing course content and preparing for seminars together can be really useful and peaceful when done together in a stress-free environment
  • Go for a walk
    • Organising something as simple as a walk is really good for showing friends how much your care about them – being out in the fresh air with no work or social media distractions is perfect for allowing you to just focus on yourselves.

Plan something…

Alternatively, you could come up with something a little more organised so you can do something more planned together:

  • Organise a movie night
  • Go to a cafe or out for drinks/food
  • Cook a meal at home together
  • Order a takeaway
  • Have a spa night at home
  • Bake cookies or a cake together
  • Have a board games night – if you don’t have any at home, there’s lots at The Swan or Towers!

Get them a gift…

Sending a friend a card or a gift can be a really simple way of showing them that you’ve been thinking about them and that you really care for them – it doesn’t need to be anything expensive or complicated, it is the effort and the thought that is most important. Here are some ideas for simple gifts:

  • A bunch of flowers
  • Their favourite sweets or chocolate
  • A self-care set (e.g. a mug with a sachet of hot chocolate, a small pack of marshmallows, a facemask etc.)
  • A candle

Getting someone a gift like this is often about thinking ‘I saw this and thought of you’ – it doesn’t matter that the item isn’t expensive or maybe not the most interesting – if it will mean something to the person you are giving the gift to, that is what is important.

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