Varsity 2022: What is it all about?

So no doubt that if you follow the University or the Student Union on social media, you would have come across ‘Varsity’. As for if you’re part of a major sports society, you will be well acquainted with it already. Whether you’re a first year student new to UoL’s traditions or if you’re completely unaware of what it is, I hope that this article provides enough information to gather a general gist!

Varsity’s history

Originally called ‘The Humber Games’, the official first competition against the University of Hull began in 2014. However, before this, there was a long strain of games and origins beginning with the ‘White Rose Varsity Tournament’ featuring the University of York versus York St John University in 2005 (named after the infamous 15th century War of the Roses). Later, the University of Hull replaced York St John in 2011 to try and make the tournament more competitive. After disagreements surrounding the organisation, in 2014 the ‘White Rose Varsity Tournament’ was replaced by ‘The Humber Games’ for Hull versus Lincoln.

Previous wins:

2014: Hull

2015: Hull

2016: Hull

2017: Lincoln

2018: Lincoln

2019: Lincoln

Taken from the @unilincolnsu Instagram page.

Who takes part?

This year there are 27 sports taking part! These include football, rugby, American football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, netball, swimming, darts, ultimate frisbee and even table tennis. There are over 1,200 students taking part both as part of teams or for individual sports.

COVID implications

So because the pandemic took place and essentially wiped out two years of everyone’s lives, Varsity hasn’t taken place since 2019. We won the last three battles, we can certainly beat Hull again!

For anyone representing Lincoln and playing for us, from the whole of Student Life we wish you the best of luck! Even if we don’t win (which I’ll try not to jinx), enjoy the weekend in Hull and celebrate it as much as possible. Remember, you’re representing three years of Varsity on our side!

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