Vegan Choco-Chunk Pancakes

When I first started eating vegan and vegetarian foods, I always found it disappointing how few options there were. Supermarkets didn’t widely stock vegan or veggie options, and finding a decent recipe online was often a waste of time. Thankfully in 2022 eating vegan or vegetarian options is so much more accessible, meaning that those who only eat vegan foods don’t have to miss out on this pancake day!

The recipe:

The following recipe is an adapted version of BBC Good Food’s ‘Easy Vegan Pancakes’ I personally love this recipe as it’s so quick! There are few ingredients that keep costs low, and they are completely dairy-free. I’ve adapted the recipe to make it extra delicious, and to prove that eating a vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out.


  • 300g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp of any sugar
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract (a trick my long-term vegan friend taught me is that it’s also great with golden syrup or maple syrup if you don’t have any vanilla extract)
  • 400ml plant based milk
  • 100g Moser Roth Vegan Classic chocolate (or any of your preferred vegan chocolate)
  • A couple of Lotus Biscoff to crush on top, or Aldi’s Belmont Caramelised Biscuits.


Pre-heat a frying pan with a splash of vegetable oil on medium-high heat before you begin, but make sure to watch the pan while it’s on!

Step one:

Use a sieve to put the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. It’s important to sieve these ingredients to make sure the pancakes rise properly and give them a nice fluffy texture! After this, put the vanilla extract in the bowl too.

Step two:

Use a balloon whisk to whisk up the ingredients you’ve already placed in the bowl. The whisk helps you to keep the air in the ingredients which will help them rise, however, if you don’t have a whisk just use a spatula and make sure to fold the ingredients rather than stir. After this, pour in the plant-based milk and continue to whisk or fold until the mixture is a smooth paste.

Step three:

Chop up the chocolate bar into small chunks and then whisk or fold them into the mixture. Now you’re ready to cook!

Step four:

Use a ladle to pour the pancake mix into a circular-like shape in the pan (it doesn’t matter if they’re not perfect, they’ll still taste just as great). Flip them when the top starts to bubble slightly, and then keep checking until both sides are a lovely golden brown.

Step five:

Time to serve and eat! Crush up some Biscoff to put on top, or some fruits, syrup, or lemon!

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