Long Distance Valentine’s Day

Here it is, the long-awaited day of lurveee.

I am Bobbie, and for the majority of my degree, my relationship has been long distance.

Some days it is easier than others, but nearing the most romantic time of year, it can be incredibly hard.

Luckily, this year I have the chance to see him on V-Day itself, but my last two years were not so lucky. My boyfriend is not at University; I met him at work back home between Sixth Form and University, and we have had two previous long distanced Valentine’s Day. Here are the key components to still have a lovely day of Love with your boo.

Go on a ‘Virtual’ Date

I’m sure you are fed up with hearing the word Virtual – After the last two years of lockdown and online meetings, I’m sure you’re sick and tired of online dating. But download your video calling app of choice, and here are my top five virtual date ideas for your Valentine’s Day:

1: Film Night

Apps such as Telepathy and Hulu, Amazon Prime’s and Disney+’s inbuilt joint watching systems allow you to share your favourite films and TV shows with your friends and family even from miles apart. Grab a blanket, your laptop, and snuggle up with your boo on a video call with your fave movie. Alternatively, a lot of video calling apps have the share screen feature, so if your streaming site does not have the option to share with a long-distance companion, click share screen and stream it to them.

2: Cook Together

Find a recipe, buy the ingredients (maybe even while video calling) and watch each other cook (or laugh at each other fail at cooking) a nice meal, snack or dessert.

3: Virtual Dinner Date

This can tie in nicely with the previous one, or alternatively, you can order a takeaway – as fancy or as fast food as you want – and maybe dress up. Put on your finery, or put on your joggers, and eat and talk as you do at a (separate) dining table on the phone.

4: Karaoke

Internet connection dependant, fire up those vocal cords and sing songs together (or to) each other through the phone – use online YouTube videos or the Lyrics feature on Spotify and sing your hearts out.

5: Online Games and Quizzes

The popular ones change with the times, but some of my fave online games to play with my boyfriend include things like Minecraft, Among Us and Mario Kart, and TikTok directed me to various online quizzes. My favourite was the Love Language Quiz, and this gave us both a new perspective on the relationship. There are a ton of relationship quizzes and games for partners to get to know one another, and keeps the intimacy alive virtually.

Gift Something Meaningful

Gifts to your Long Distance Partner can have that extra special ‘think of me’ factor and can suit any budget. Here are some creative, thoughtful and cute gifts for your Long Distance Valentine – and you can open them on call to one another!

  1. ‘Open When’ letters
  2. TouchBound Bracelets (Quite pricey) – lights up whenever you partner touches them
  3. A Care Package
  4. Things that Remind you of Them
  5. A sweatshirt/Hoodie they can have sprayed in your perfume, aftershave or deodorant
  6. A Scrapbook
  7. A ‘Why I Love You’ Book (You can get them from Tesco or Amazon!)
  8. A framed photo (Or several)
  9. A love letter (Old fashioned but a classic).
  10. A date day for you to do in the future – an experience, an escape room, or a fancy meal. Something to look forward to.

Change the Day

Valentine’s Day might be 14th February OFFICIALLY, but sometimes, that just isn’t practical (it’s a Monday this year, gross.) So, you and your boo need to find YOUR Valentine’s Day, if you can, and if you can be together in person, even better. The idea of Valentine’s Day does not have to be complete pressure, and if you are unable to see your partner on Valentine’s Day itself, that does not make you a bad person. In reality, Valentine’s Day is probably a whole week, if not a whole month. Let you and your bae find YOUR day, and take the pressure off the 14th.

I hope all you and your lovers, near and far, have the best day.

Lots of love to you all<3


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