Fun date ideas that are a little bit different…

Here’s a list of alternative and interesting things you can do with your friends or your significant other this Valentine’s day.

These ideas range from paid to low-cost – with free ones too. It is important to remember that going on a date or doing an activity with someone close to you isn’t about spending lots of money, it’s about spending quality time with someone special.

1. Go Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a fun competitive activity for you to do with your friends or your significant other.

We are lucky enough to have an axe-throwing venue right here in Lincoln! The venue is just a 30-minute walk away from campus or you can get a taxi there if you prefer. There are lots of interactive games you can play whilst axe-throwing to make the activity even more exciting, and there is also a fully stocked bar with drinks and snacks available.

Click here for more information about how to get there, booking details, photos/videos of the venue and important information about what to wear and how to stay safe while at the venue.

2. The Gift Shopping Game

This game is brilliant to have a good laugh with your friend or significant other. It’s something you can do and make it really specific to what you both like.

Here’s a fun way to do it:

  • Decide between the two of you a budget – you can keep it low like £5 each or decide on something a little higher if you like
  • Choose a shop – I’d reccommend somewhere cheaper like B&M or Homebargains, but you could easily do something like a charity shop or a small independent gift shop!
  • When you arrive at the shop give eachother a time limit – something like 20 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the size of the shop.
  • During that time, each of you have to go separately round the shop and buy gifts for the other person using the budget you have given each other – you have to spend £5 on the other person and they have to spend £5 on you!
  • You’re not allowed to go over budget!
  • If you go under budget, the other person gets the leftover change with their gifts to make sure its fair
  • To make it even more fun, keep the gifts hidden from the other person until you’ve paid and got home – then you can swap the gifts with eachother!
  • You can even set a theme for your gift buying game to make it more personal e.g. funny gifts/pamper or beauty gifts/homeware

3. The Cooking Challenge

This one is quite similar to the above game, but uses food instead! As a pair set yourselves a budget and plan a menu (2 or 3 courses – whichever you fancy) and head to a shop. Try to get all of the ingredients for the meal in the shop together.

You’ll then be able to head home and cook a meal together – this is a really lovely thing to do together and then you will be able to sit down and eat your food together and have a mini date night but at home! This is also perfect for saving money and a lovely at-home activity if you’re still a little worried about Covid.

4. Volunteer Locally

Volunteering is a brilliant thing to do to help in the community, so what better way to spend time with someone and also help others?!

The Students Union has lots of volunteering opportunities that you can take part in and sign up for online with the support of the SU – check these out here.

Alternatively, look online for volunteering activities and opportunities in and around Lincoln!

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