Affordable Date Ideas

Valentine’s week is just about to start! If you’re looking for some affordable ideas to make your date unique and special, let me take some load off your shoulder and give you some ideas.

Morning Surprise

It may seem common but starting someone’s day with a nice surprise is definitely a good idea. By going to your partner’s house and waking them up with a surprise visit would surely be a great start to their day. An idea could be that you contact your partner’s housemate/flatmate before hand and have them in on the surprise. This could lead to a romantic breakfast or a morning in bed resting together!

Traveling Date

A unique idea for dating someone can be just simply hanging out but alternatively it could be a nice idea to go traveling. Instead of a planned date, start it with change! Go for a street walk instead of a car ride (watch Rachel’s video on walking routes in Lincoln for ideas), try some street food together or take a picnic. Going in the evening can be a good option for a romantic sunset, but anytime in a day works well.

A Peaceful Dinner

One nice evening you can plan to take your date to either a local restaurant or alternatively make a meal yourself where you two can spend romantic time with each other. By keeping it a secret, you’ll add to the romance side and it can give your partner an amazing surprise. This idea works pretty well irrespective of the mode of decoration and arrangement.

Remember one thing: what matters the most is to show the value of them in your life. So be confident and just open your heart up! 

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