Christmas Baking

With Christmas coming especially close, many people may be considering what activities to do to celebrate the holiday. Although there are Christmas events that you can do outside, they usually cost some money to do, like ice skating. Christmas baking can be a great, cheaper alternative to more expensive activities that are done elsewhere. It is also more convenient as you can do it in the comfort of your own home! The cost of baking ingredients does add up but you will most likely already have some of the ingredients, it should not cost more than £10 to get all the ingredients needed depending on the recipe. I have picked out some Christmas recipes below for you to choose from and try!

Gingerbread Men:

Gingerbread men are a classic Christmas baking project, fun to do at any age! This YouTube channel, CupcakeJemma, has a wonderful, easy to follow along, cooking show video. The ingredients needed are listed in the description with a link to another video for a more detailed description of how to make the icing. Gingerbread men are so fun to decorate, coming up with all types of outfits but especially fun to eat if you love the comforting flavour of ginger. 

Sugar Cookies:

Emma’s Goodies is one of my personal favourite baking channels on YouTube. This recipe from Emma is especially convenient as you can adapt the general cookie dough she shows you how to make and add different ingredients for a slightly different cookie. The ingredients are also listed in the description of the video. So if you are trying to make many different cookies but are not looking to bake for too long, I would recommend this recipe for different flavoured sugar cookies. Emma’s Goodies is also a great channel for other super easy baking recipes that are not Christmas related, I can personally recommend their mugcake videos for days when you want a quick, small dessert. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Chocolate chip cookies are a great recipe to fall back on if you are not confident with baking things you are not familiar with. The tradition of leaving chocolate chip cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas night means that these year-round cookies are allowed to make an appearance on Christmas too! This video made by the channel “Recipes by Carina” is my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe that I have been using for the last two years. Just like the other two videos, the ingredients are listed in the description for you to use. Chocolate chip cookies are a great familiar baking project to do if you want something easy but tasty for Christmas!

I hope with these suggestions, you will have a fun baking session with some wonderful cookies to eat by the end of the day! Happy Holidays to everyone! 

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