Christmas Gift Ideas Focused on Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Christmastime can be hard for some people and it is important to remind friends and family that you’re there for them. A perfect way of doing this is by choosing a thoughtful gift that is focused on mindfulness, wellbeing and self-care.

Plus this can also be used as a perfect excuse to buy yourself a gift!

1. Wellbeing Journal

A wellbeing journal is a really good way to promote positivity and self-care. It allows you to write down thoughts and feelings, and helps you to identify negativity in your life – and makes you think about how you can combat this! The journal will also help you to prioritise any problems or issues you may have, and allow you to work through them step-by-step.

The link below is from The Works and has been developed in partnership with the mental health charity ‘Mind’.

2. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are amazing for providing comfort and security while you’re relaxing in bed or on the sofa.

The weight is designed to soothe anxiety and ease stress by soothing the nervous system and improving sleep quality.

Please bear in mind if children are around they should be supervised using a weighted blanket at all times!

3. Mindfulness Scratch Poster

This is such a fun interactive activity to do, and it will give a sense of achievement when an action has been completed. It will help to introduce new ‘mindful’ activities into your daily life and create a colourful poster for your room!

4. Mindful Message Jar

This is a lovely idea for someone close to you. It is very simple but can be super effective for improving wellbeing and self-care.

You could create your own personalised one for a friend or family member too! Include things like; listen to your favourite podcast, read a book, fill out your wellbeing journal, help a friend in need, do some exercise or get outside in the fresh air.

5. Infinity Pad

This is such a simple piece of tech but it would be amazing for someone who is always on the go or has a head full of things to do. It could also be used to write down how you feel at the end of the day, in order to set the day’s activities to one side and get a good night’s sleep.

This infinity pad allows you to write notes on the screen just like a notepad and keep track of everything whilst also saving paper – It’s so reasonably priced too!

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