How to cope with winter deadlines

Once December hits it can often feel like you’re being pulled every which way, between family, friends from home, flatmates and university deadlines, and that’s not even including the stresses on budget that further induce stress. Although at times it may seem like you won’t make it through, this article will share some tips on how you can both enjoy this festive period and meet all of your deadlines with minimal stress and breakdowns!

Time management

The most important factor to consider is time management, make a big list of all the things you need to do throughout December, don’t just include university deadlines but fun things you’d like to do too, like visiting  the Lincoln Christmas markets or having a Christmas dinner with your flat! By scheduling in time to enjoy yourself you’ll be less likely to waste time scrolling mindlessly on your phone, as you’ll know when and how much free time you’ll have to do what you want. This can also allow you to see how much time you actually have to do your assignments and know what you can do when, both minimising stress and maximising efficiency!

Don’t forget to treat yourself

Another way to cope with winter deadlines would be to treat yourself whilst studying, although the weather is often cold and miserable, warm yourself up with a hot chocolate whilst in the library, or arrange to meet your friends after for a game night at the Swan. Although these seem like little things, they help create a calm, positive environment and prevent stress spiralling.

Reach out if you need help

Additionally, know that university wants you to succeed and if anything is getting in the way of that there is no harm in contacting student wellbeing for support, asking lecturers questions or talking to someone you trust. Studying with a friend means you can talk through your issues, help each other and know that you’re not as alone as it can sometimes feel. However if you are struggling with friends at university, it is never too late to join a society, new members are welcome anytime and having a nice social planned can give you the boost you need to finish that last bit of work!

No matter how stressful the festive period can be, as long as you prioritise what is important to you, you can ensure you can both meet your deadlines and make nice winter memories.