Christmas Jumper Day!

Every year, Christmas Jumper Day falls on every second Friday in December. This year it’s Friday 10th! It’s in support of Save the Children UK, a charity aimed at supporting children across the globe with medicine, food and education. It started in 2012, and is popular amongst schools and workplaces (and is often encouraged in universities). All you have to do is sign up, donate £2 and wear your favourite Christmas jumper! For details on signing up, click here.

If you’re looking into buying a Christmas jumper, either for the occasion or ready for Christmas Day, this article is the perfect guide!

Charity Shops

Believe it or not, at this time of year charity shops are full of cheesy Christmas jumpers! Usually starting at just £2.50, they can be a real bargain and it means even more money is going to charity. There are tonnes of charity shops along the High Street, both at the lower end by Iceland and at the top near Pizza Express. Have a look around!

Vintage Shops – Rock Retro, Yak

There are a few retro vintage shops in and around Lincoln, including Rock Retro and Yak. Both located near the high street; Rock Retro next to Mailbox on Guildhall Street and Yak up the top end of the High Street next to The Strait and Narrow. They both have some excellent deals on vintage jumpers, some of which may be of luxury brands! Rock Retro have tonnes available for as little as £9.99.

Online (Customised)

In this day and age, you can get anything printed/embroidered onto a Christmas jumper. Whether it’s your cats face, a family photo or a meme, you can get it on a Christmas jumper. Websites like Etsy where you can support small businesses or Not On The High Street can be great for getting inventive with your jumpers! Most of them do really good deals leading up to Christmas, maybe look into buying them as gifts as well!