Pumpkin carving ideas

Pumpkin carving is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit and have a relaxed bonding session with your flat! They can be bought from any supermarket for less than a pound and all you need to carve with is a kitchen knife! However with so many designs to scout through it can be hard to pick a design you both like, and one you can actually do yourself. This article will highlight both easy and challenging pumpkin carving ideas and how to get started. Don’t forget to pick up a tealight and have a Happy Halloween!

Why not go simple with a face, the most iconic pumpkin carving design can have the biggest effect! You can either get creative and create your own design or find one to copy on the internet! Just sketch out your design (a black sharpie works best!), and get carving! Don’t forget to scoop out the insides first to make the pumpkin hollow and a lot easier to cut through!

If you fancy a bit more of a challenge you could carve either Jack Skellington or Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie! These characters are instantly recognisable with features that aren’t too hard to replicate, however if you are struggling you could print out an outline and trace that onto the pumpkin instead.

If you’re not feeling particularly scary this Halloween you could do a cute design instead! Pictured below are the moon phases which could be carved onto a few pumpkins, either by yourself or with friends. This design is particularly easy but very effective when placed together. This also works with letters, for example writing happy Halloween, but would require a lot of pumpkins for that one!

Finally, if you don’t fancy getting all messy carving your pumpkin, or you don’t have anything to light it up with, you could paint a design on instead. As pictured below this could be a simple house outline with a black sharpie or something a little fancier like painting your pumpkin completely white! The possibilities with this one are endless since you’re using the pumpkin as the canvas and it doesn’t require any tricky carving.

Don’t forget to pick up a tealight or battery candle and have a Happy Halloween!

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