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Cleaning tips

If you’re moving away from home for the first time, you’re going to have some cleaning to do. Whether you’ve been doing it at home for a long time, or are more new to it, here are some ways to make it easier for yourself as you find your cleaning routine!

Multi-purpose cleaning products

To save yourself some cash, try to find cleaning products that can be used in a number of different places around the house. Bear in mind that these cleaners may not always be antibacterial, so keep an eye on the ingredients. The fewer cleaning products you have, the less space they take up and the easier cleaning will be! Wherever possible, try to buy natural, organic, or plant-based cleaners as these are just as effective but less dangerous and can be great if any housemates have allergies to consider. 


Make a commitment to clean certain things regularly. This can mean washing your bedding or cleaning the bathroom once a week, or cleaning out your kitchen cupboard once a month. It’s up to you about how frequently and when you choose to do certain jobs, but be consistent and it will become a habit. The added bonus here is that when it comes to moving out, you won’t be catching up on months of cleaning in a mad panic on the last few days. 

Little and often

Rinse out the sink if you get toothpaste in it. Clean up the kitchen side after you’ve made something to eat. Make your bed when you get out of it in the morning. Basically if you mess something up, clean it up straight away. I know it’s annoying and you don’t always want to, but washing up one mug is far quicker and easier than washing up four more, and a few cups, maybe some plates or bowls, a few days later. 

Microfibre cloths

One of my favourite cleaning products are microfibre cloths. Rather than dishcloths etc. that get thrown out after a couple of uses, they can be washed and reused loads of times. They can be used dry to clear up dust, or wet with water or cleaning products. I find it helps to buy a pack with a few different colours and then allocate a colour to an area of cleaning (e.g bathroom, toilet, kitchen side, kitchen sink etc.). Then, once they need washing just stick them in the machine with your clothes to wash, making sure you have rinsed out any cleaning products that could damage your clothes first. 

Don’t forget about the fridge and the oven

It can be easy to forget, but make sure to do these regularly. It’ll be so much easier to do if you give them a regular clean. To make it easy for yourself, keep some antibacterial wipes near the fridge and give shelves a quick wipe when they are empty, or use some oven cleaner when you have a spare five minutes. An unclean oven or fridge can be really unpleasant if it’s been left to build up for some time so don’t leave it for too long. 


Don’t leave your washing in the machine. Make sure you take it out as soon as it’s finished to avoid your clothes smelling mouldy or damp. If you need to hang it up (depending on the rules of your accommodation) do it as soon as you can, and make sure your clothes aren’t overlapping so they can dry as quickly as possible. 

Homemade recipes

There are tons of everyday kitchen and household items that can be used to clean your house. Here are some ideas for homemade cleaners that you can make quickly if you’ve run out and don’t fancy running to the shop.

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