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LincolnSU services you may not know about…

The Students’ Union has a lot of services that students are free to benefit from whenever they’re on campus either during term time or now. Here, I will be going through just a few of them that might benefit you!

‘Ask for Angela’

This service is now more well-known amongst bars and clubs up and down the country but now all SU venues provide it! For those of you who don’t know what it is, here’s a brief explanation. If you are on a night out, perhaps on a date that isn’t going well and you feel uncomfortable, if you head to a bar that provides this service and ‘ask for Angela’ a taxi will be called for you as an emergency escape. You will be taken out of sight to a safe room to wait with all your belongs and that’s it! You’ll usually know if a bar/club/restaurant provides this service as it will be advertised either on their website and quite frequently in their bathrooms/toilets.

‘Ask for Sandy’

This is a relatively new service, started just in May this year. It’s a sanitary product service that Towers provides. If you require immediate sanitary products, just head up to the bar and ‘ask for Sandy’. You’ll receive a very discreet brown package of bits you might need and it’s all free!

Note: this service is only available at Towers.

Taken from @LincolnSU on Instagram

Cup covers

Two months ago as per an SUggestion, the Students’ Union invested in a trial amount of ‘Night Caps’. These are scrunchies that turn into cup covers to prevent spiking. They’re really cool and allow for just a straw to fit into it. Lucy (VP Wellbeing and Community) has said that the SU have purchased a trial number of Night Caps for the next academic year and if they are positively received they will look into getting some more!

Taken from the Night Cap website

Gender neutral toilets

As of October last year, there are now gender neutral toilets in every building! Submitted as an SUggestion in March 2020, Bailey (VP Campaigns and Environment) confirmed that there are now gender neutral toilets in every university building.

Sexual health resource bank

The Sexual Health Lead collaborated with the Students’ Union in February to create a sexual health resource bank dedicated to providing information on tools for reporting sexual misconduct, body positivity and social media profiles/charities that work towards sexual health. It contains 7 pages of contact details for each resource as well as what they specialise in.

It can be found here

Litter picking

The SU offer litter picking services where you and a group of 6 in total can rent litter picking equipment from the SU (in the Cycle Hire centre) for free and start cleaning up the campus and the city! It’s free for all Monday-Friday until 4pm.

Cycle hire

You can now hire bicycles from the SU for a small price. It’s very easy to do so! You just book a slot online between 9am-11am that day, you then pay and collect your bike on campus at the Cycle Hire centre. You must pay a refundable deposit of £50 and prices start at £10 for 30 days. There are four different types of bikes available and a lock is included with the price. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a 10% off voucher for Halfords with every cycle hire purchase!

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