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Camping in Lincolnshire

Living in the city, whilst providing a lot, can sometimes become too much, camping offers the perfect opportunity for a quick getaway either into nature or perhaps something more in line with modern living. Lincolnshire offers a wide range of potential camping spots both close to the city and further afield. Here are a few spots identified as perfect for getting a true camping experience, as well as why you should try camping.

Why camp?

Camping is a brilliant way to connect people back to the land, whether that’s in the deep of the woods or simply in a field. As well as this, it allows you time away with friends and family or even time alone by yourself to relax and regenerate. Especially with the current pandemic, it has become more important to cherish what we have closer to home and camping allows us to do just that.

Hartsholme Country Park campsite

A campsite located within the beautiful award winning country park of Hartsholme, visitors are able to camp amongst nature ranging from the lakes to the meadows. Just south from the city (about 3 miles), the campsite is equip with everything you may need to enjoy a relaxing trip away with toilets, recreational spaces and even a café serving food and drinks. If you don’t want to entirely give up the luxuries of living safely between four walls, the campsite also offers glamping alternatives with camping pods available to guests. The location offers a great opportunity for wildlife observation, and trails take you through the surrounding woodland and lake landscapes where you are sure to be greeted by all types of animals. Whether you’re alone or with others this is a great spot for escaping outdoors for a quick trip away without going too far from the city.

Lincolnshire Lanes campsite

The Lincolnshire Lanes campsite East of the A15 North of the city is set up more traditionally with three open fields available for pitching a tent. The three areas are split into a children & family area, adults area, and the third field is used when it gets too busy! This campsite is definitely more family orientated with the large space allowing for children to roam and play, however can equally be enjoyed by people of all ages with it’s peaceful geography in the Lincolnshire countryside. The surrounding country lanes are perfect for bike rides and are far removed from the loud traffic of the main roads. Family run, the campsite offers a welcoming and warm stay as well as an experience of the Lincolnshire county you may not yet have seen.

Mere Oaks campsite

Moving to the East outside of the city, Mere Oaks offers a flat spot of land in the Lincolnshire Wolds for camping in both tent and vehicles. It is a smaller campsite, however it is within walking distance from woodland areas, fishing lakes and a golf course. Despite the small 1 acre size, the site is well screened with careful planting to allow privacy from other campers. Overall a quaint little campsite with lots to offer!

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