A group of people dancing in the woods

Dance free in nature!

To dance is to be happy. To be free. Dance like nobody is watching you!

Dancing improves our self-esteem, clears the mind, and reduces anxiety and depression. It brings feelings of inner joy, allows us to express our feelings and to connect with others.

We all went through a challenging year which impacted all of us, and on our mental health. Did you know dance is used as therapy? To help people through challenging times and much more.

There are special morning and sunset dance sessions happening in the Lincoln area. It is a place for people to connect with nature and dance away.

Dance Free is an organised event run by Hannah Green, who trained in dance and movement meditation. She says: “It is a space to let go and simply be.”

Miss Green initiates positive change through dance and movement. Her background in psychology led her to specialise in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Her passion for dance started since an early age.

“The word DANCE is such a light word, but it has so much meaning. It’s been around since centuries, though nowadays in the Western world we are disconnected from it.”

She added that dance classes are a holistic way to heal ourselves. Music evokes emotions. Feelings of freedom. When dancing in nature there is a feeling of connection with oneself, others and nature. Dance helps us manage negative emotions. Dancing freely is about expressing yourself and healing through movement.

The dances will run weekly, varying between Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. All locations will be in and around Lincoln. For details head to Dance Free and join their group Dance Free in Nature. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.

“We hold a lot of tension in our body. When we dance in nature, we experience heightened awareness of what is around us. We are in the current, present moment.”

The sessions are an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone in a shame-free zone. Dancers listen to the same music soundscape, through the silent disco headsets. The music is a journey of ambient, euphoric and soul stirring world beats. “I guide people through a short facilitated warm up to ambient music, allowing dancers to drop deep into the body and out of the mind. “This gets the mind to focus on the body and the breath. It allows us to experience feelings as we move. We can let go and simply be.”

This is an opportunity to try something different. It invites us to move freely. It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t dance. It is about expressing yourself through movement. Releasing some of the tension and stress we might be holding!