5 fun ways to make the most of Easter with social distancing

This last year hasn’t been the best for a lot of people, and this winter has definitely been the hardest part so far, but why not get stuck into some fun Easter activities – social distancing style?!

Here are 5 activities to do with your friends and family safely this Easter!

1. Easter Egg Hunt

A bit of a silly, fun one to start… Take yourself away from your uni work and straight back to your childhood! Set up an Easter egg/treasure hunt for your household or, get someone else to set one up for you! This is something which can be done so easily in a safe way, inside your house, and in your garden. Use your favourite sweets, snacks and treats, and hide them in different places like cupboards, handbags, folders and under cushions. It’s a funny way of getting some steps in for the day while you move around your house too – plus you get treats at the end of it…what’s not to love?

2. Easter Movie Night

Next on the list is a movie night, which we all love after a day of university work (and a hard day of Easter egg hunting of course). Find yourself an Easter-themed movie or something fun to watch with your housemates or your family, and get comfy with some snacks and fluffy blankets. In my university house, we build a den for watching movies…well why not?

3. Easter Quiz

Now you really can’t beat a quiz! I’m sure by now everyone is well-educated in the world of lockdown quizzes, but seen as it’s Easter, why not make a themed quiz?! You could either do this with the people you live with, or with others via Zoom – or a combination of both. Each chooses a fun, Easter category and come up with some questions to ask each other.

Here are a few category ideas for your lockdown quizzes, including some picture-round ideas:

  • Chocolate trivia
  • Egg words – every answer contains the word ‘egg’
  • Famous bunnies – name the famous bunnies from these photos
  • Celebrity egghead – name the celebrity with their edited, egg-shaped heads

4. Easter Baking

If there is ever a time that gives you an excuse to do some baking, then Easter really is it. Who can resist all the themed sweets and treats in the shops? There are so many different things to bake with an Easter theme, but here is a super easy, childhood favourite of mine – it’s so simple, anyone can make (spoiler alert…it doesn’t actually involve any baking…)

How to make Chocolate Easter Nests

  1. Crush some shredded wheat cereal
  2. Melt some chocolate
  3. Combine the two together
  4. Spoon into cupcake cases
  5. Add some of your favourite little eggs
  6. Leave them to cool and set in the fridge
  7. Enjoy!

5. Home-Cooked Easter Sunday Meal

Last, but not least, there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal with family and friends. In my university house, we love to plan a meal together and share all of our favourite flavours and foods which we’ve learnt from our own families and cultures. Check out some recipes online and cook together in your household! Alternatively, why not get-together with friends or family from other households via Zoom? Pre-plan an Easter Sunday meal together, and get all of the ingredients ready. It is a great idea to start a “cook-along” via zoom to make it even more fun! When it is cooked and served, you’ll be able to sit and eat your “virtual meal” together.

Have a Happy Easter and don’t forget to share your activities with us!

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