Red Nose Day 2021! – How you can get involved

Red Nose Day is coming up this year on the 19th of March, and to get ready to take part, Student Life have put together this list of ideas for you and your housemates to try out!

Use what you have to around – For this year’s noses, Comic Relief have gone completely plastic-free and plant-based, making 2021’s batch of new noses from bagasse, a natural by-product of sugar cane. In the spirit of being more sustainable, why not try to get creative using what you already have to hand instead of buying new? You could tie-dye an old T-shirt red, paint on the glass of an old mirror or picture frame, or try and put together something virtually to take part with friends and family who might not be in your social bubble.

A Bake Off! – Baking for Red Nose Day is a classic every year, and getting creative in the kitchen and baking up something red for your house or flatmates is a super-easy way to get involved. Why not turn it into a Red Nose Day bake off? There are so many recipes around online, from red velvet nose cupcakes to decorating your bake in the most ridiculous way you can think of for Comic Relief.

Get Out Into Nature – The theme for this year’s noses is The Great Outdoors, so getting outside and enjoying the space around you could be another really easy and fun way to take part. In Lincoln we’re lucky to have so many green spaces to enjoy, from the Arboretum to Liquorice Park to West Common, why not head out and see if you can match your red nose to what you find on your walk! Especially in the time running up to Red Nose Day as the spring growth starts to pop up and it’s lighter for a little longer, it’s getting even more beautiful out there and Red Nose Day is a great excuse to head out.

Get Fundraising! – At the moment everyone needs a laugh more than ever, so finding a way to join in with Red Nose Day and bring some smiles while also raising some money for Comic Relief is even better. Dye or donate your hair, do a charity challenge or live stream or design some art prints, t-shirts or anything else you can think of for charity. See how much you and your mates can raise!