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Possibly one of the most difficult things to adjust to at uni is managing finances. For a lot of us, it’s our first big step into the adult world – and all the responsibilities that come with it! Luckily, we’ve had our fair share of tricks and tips along the way. Here are some of the best!

“As a student, one of the best benefits is getting student discounts! There are loads of companies that help you to make the most of your student discounts, but UNiDAYS is by far the most popular option – and it’s free!” – Jessica, 2nd Year Creative Advertising student

Even though managing your money as a student can be tough, there are a lot of great benefits and help in all sorts of areas! Don’t feel like you can’t enjoy yourself and save money – keep an eye out for when you can save some extra pounds.

“Just because you’re used to a full-fridge at home doesn’t mean you need to waste your money on loads of food that will go out of date before you’ve had the chance to use it.” – Kathryn, 3rd Year Drama and English student

Living within your means, only buying what you need and long-lasting food is one of the best skills living at uni can teach you. As well as saving you money, it helps reduce waste!

“Make packed lunches to take to uni with you, a £3 meal deal doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you buy one 5 days a week this adds up to £780 a year!” – Emily, post-graduate Marketing student

It’s easy to turn to a meal deal whenever you’re at home and have no food in the fridge, or at a lecture and Tesco is closer than your kitchen cupboard, but it’s worth not relying on them. Keep on top of your meals and it’s sure to add up!

“If you’re struggling with funding while studying at Lincoln, the student support services can help you find out what you’re entitled to and with the applications to get the help you need.” – Tash, 3rd Year English student

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Student services can provide support on bursaries and loans that may be available to you.

“The direct route to finding part-time work is usually the best. Finding a role that appeals to you and getting in touch with the employer via email, phone, or face to face contact is a good start.” – Richard, 3rd Year Politics and International Relations student

Part-time work can be a huge help with finance at university. The university has further resources on advice concerning employability and where to find part-time roles, such as the Student Union and Campus Jobs.

Take this advice from our creators across the years and keep it with you – finance may be daunting, but there are plenty of tips to help you on your way!

Money can be one of the biggest sources of stress and these tips are some of the best pointers in how to get started in managing it. If you’re struggling, financially or otherwise, Student Wellbeing Centre can offer help and support.

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