How to increase your employability

Now is a great time to think about improving your employability. What really makes you stand out from the crowd is your skills and examples of when you have used them. In this post I’ll be discussing some easy ways to enhance your skill set and other tips to improve your employability.

Course rep

There are over 600 academic reps at the university, and you could become one of them! Being a course rep is a perfect way to showcase to employers that you are willing to do that little bit extra and that you also take the quality of the education you receive seriously. This role will enhance your timekeeping, teamwork, wand communication, all of which are key skills that employers look for!

Improve your CV

Your CV is likely to be the first thing a potential employer will look at so why not make it the very best it can be? The university Careers and Employability team have put together a very informative CV and cover letter guide that will help you create and improve yours. If you are struggling with where to start writing your CV then check out the university’s CV builder through the careers tab on blackboard. A video guide on how to use it effectively can be found below

LinkedIn learning

Perhaps there is a specific topic within your course that you really enjoy, or you want to expand your knowledge into new areas. LinkedIn learning is an extensive collection of training and instructional videos on a plethora of topics and as a student at UoL you have free access! Completing extra short courses not only shows employers that you are serious about personal development but these topics can be a great talking point in interviews too!

Lincoln award

The Lincoln Award supports you in developing and demonstrating key employability skills. All of the award can be completed online if you prefer so it can be done in your own time around your studies.  Below is a video explaining more about the award.

Catch up on online employer events

Throughout the year the university Careers and Employability team work with employers to put on “How to get a graduate job with” talks for almost every sector of industry. They give you an insight of what skills employers are looking for in job candidates, and can also help you decide what area of your industry you would like to work in if you are unsure. Once you have identified these desirable skills you can work on improving them so you standout.  

Duke of Edinburgh award

The award is a balanced programme that focuses on developing the whole person – mind, body and soul, in an environment of social interaction and team working; so why not complete it through the SU? I myself have completed all 3 levels of the DofE award and I have enhanced so many skills and learnt a great deal about myself in the process. Not only do you expand your skill set but you are left with memories that will last a lifetime. These experiences are great talking points in interviews as they showcase skills in real life fun situations.  Below is a video showcasing how you can increase your employability with the DofE award

I hope this article has given you some ideas to make yourself more employable. Good luck with all your future job applications! More information and tips can be found on the Careers and Employability Service website.