Three places in Lincoln to visit on Valentine’s Day

It may seem difficult right now to celebrate Valentine’s Day as you would normally with a loved one, due to the current restrictions, however you can still make the most of the day. You could consider Valentine’s day as a day for love in general including self-love. Here are three places around Lincoln which are still romantic in spirit you can visit yourself whilst still staying safe.

Lincoln Cathedral

The main feature across the Lincoln skyline, the Cathedral is the perfect place to take a relaxing walk to as a Valentine treat. Located at the top of Steep Hill, the walk is well worth it. As you get towards the top, the aged buildings create wonderful spectacles, and even though you might be alone you can still treat it as an adventure and as a time to reflect. If you want it to feel even more romantic, go at night where you can appreciate the Cathedral’s impressive architecture lit up.

 This can be done as part of your daily exercise allowed under the government guidelines, you could even bring some snacks or a warm drink to enjoy when you make it to the top!

Lincoln Arboretum

The 22-acre park located five minutes from the Cathedral is a great place to escape to nature and celebrate Valentine’s day. The park is filled with all kinds of trees, statues and fountains helping to create a romantic feel on Valentine’s day. The ponds with bridges going across are straight out of a painting, what could be more romantic? The Arboretum overall gives the feeling of being transported somewhere poetic, which matches the occasion perfectly! You could even video call a loved one whilst there. Although a makeshift Valentine’s day, place as beautiful as this is sure to help!

Your Room

Valentine’s day is for celebrating love. Without physically being able to see your loved ones you can video call and celebrate in a virtual place. This does not require you to go out, but you can still have a fun and enjoyable time from the comfort of your room. Get out your laptop and spend time to talk and laugh with people who mean a lot to you. You could even arrange a spontaneous zoom date. It is not a fancy restaurant, but St. Valentine’s influence can still be experienced!

It is important to adapt to new ways or doing things we normally would at the moment, so hopefully these examples have inspired you to get new ideas on what you can do this Valentine’s Day.

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