Long-distance/lockdown Valentine’s Day activities

It’s that time of year again, where we want to hold our partners close and express our love but for some of us that not possible. However, this does not mean that we can’t still celebrate the day online. Here are some ideas on how to do so.

Watch Romantic movies together

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Nothing says I love you like watching a slightly cringy romantic movie together. Whether you are hard core romantic or a horror fan, there will be movie out there that suits both of your fancies and if not, there is a dreadfully bad movie that you can both laugh at. With Disney + and Prime Video both having embedded features that allow you to watch at the same time and chrome extensions such as Teleparty previously known as Netflix party that offer the same thing for Netflix there is a huge library of shows out there.

If you want some idea check out this article that lists some good one and where to find them

2 Kitchens, 1 heart

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People say the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach and cooking together can achieve that. My SO and I have done this recently and it was fun as we both love to cook. You can choose what you make, it could be the same thing or something based on a type of cuisine to simulate what it would be like at a restaurant. It does not matter if you are MasterChef adjacent or you don’t know how to turn on the stove, you can find something that suit you, and if it all goes belly up you could always order in and now you have a funny story.

Presentation time

If you were on TikTok this past summer, you might have seen a bunch of people having presentation/PowerPoint parties. I thought this was great idea and could lead to tons of laughs. You do not need to do it on anything serious or important actually quite the opposite, the more random the better. Here are some ideas:

  1. Why we need to have 8 golden retrievers.
  2. My friends as Greggs pastries
  3. Why I think Ladybirds work for the bourgeoisie.

Your best chance is to pick something you are passionate about like tv show you love if you can’t think of enough things for something random. And when in doubt make a presentation about your SO. Just make sure to keep the topic of the presentation secret till it tie to present. You can present through Zoom, Discord or Google meet if you don’t want the time limit on zoom to ruin the fun.

Although you may be apart, there’s still lots of activities you can do together!

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