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Four ways on how to be successful with online exams

The switch to online learning comes with an array of new challenges for students. One aspect which is somewhat strange is the new online examinations, taking place remotely. Here are 4 tips to manage these exams and help you be as successful as possible!

Minimize Distractions

Before beginning your exam remotely, it is important to first ensure you can properly focus. Being at home or in your university room brings with it an array of new distractions. One big distraction is our smartphones. It is easy to fall into the trap of stopping what you are doing to take a peek at a new notification whilst working. Studies have shown that students are less likely to concentrate fully if a mobile device is in use.

It would then be best to switch off the device, fully, and put it somewhere out of your reach until the exam is over. Hopefully by minimizing as many distractions as possible, it can boost the chances of online exam success!

Stay Hydrated

Being on a computer or laptop for long durations can take a toll on your body. Dry eyes caused by screen time can be made worse without enough water. Having something to hydrate you at hand during the exam will help prevent fatigue allowing your body to function as best as it possibly can.

Keep Concise Notes

Unlike exams in usual circumstances, for a lot of students they will be able to use outside sources such as their own notes. Effective notetaking could help massively here. By being concise, your notes will be much easier to read quickly under the pressures of the exam. Post-it notes are great for this purpose, especially if you need a cue to help you remember something important. Organizing these into different topics you have studied makes it easier to find the information you need.

Adapting your notes in this way will not only help you to efficiently gather your ideas together ready to better answer the exam question, but also reduce the stress associated with the exam.

Prepare Your Work Space

With our work and home spaces becoming more indistinguishable, keeping them separate is crucial. Aiming to keep a clean work area means that your full attention can be on the exam itself, without your personal possessions getting in the way. This may also include making sure the device you are using to take the exam is ready and set up. With the reliance on technology increasing, ironing out any problems before the exam is very important. This ensures there are no technical issues during the exam which could affect your results. This makes the exam feel more like it normally would, making process will be a little more stress-free.

By using these tips, you can hopefully better adapt to the new challenges of the online exams. But above all else stay calm!

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