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Ethical & small business present ideas

Lots of us are getting more aware of where we are spending our money this Christmas. With wanting to support smaller and more ethical businesses. After the two lockdowns this year, it has come to our attention that independent businesses can really use our support. So, we’ve put together this little guide to get you started on finding the perfect Christmas present from a small business, whether in Lincoln or online!

If you are interested in any of the shops in the blog post just click on their name and it should take you to their online store or Instagram page!

Online Indie Brands & Etsy

With lockdown and tier restrictions on shops opening, many independent shops have started selling online and more people than ever before have started making their own beautiful gifts at home and are selling them through sites like Etsy. This means we can all support small businesses without needing to risk heading out into town, which is great all round but even more so for those of us who are, or are living with someone, high risk.

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Local Independent Shops

Now that non-essential shops are being allowed to open up again we should be taking advantage of all the great independently owned shops we’re lucky to have in Lincoln. They are such a fun way to find some unique presents with such different styles for Christmas this year. From the high street with spots like Sykes Florist with their new houseplant room and the record shop Back to Mono, up to Steep Hill with Lapid Art crystal shop and Follie’s gift shop as well as the whole host of little chocolate, wine and confectionary shops that line the cathedral quarter, you’re bound to find someone the perfect present!

Buying Second-Hand & Vintage

Lincoln also has a great vintage shopping scene, including shops like Yak and Ego up on The Strait as well as Fab Vintage and the newly expanded Rock Retro on the high street. Buying vintage or second-hand clothes means you aren’t contributing to the fast fashion industry, which is pointed to as a large climate change contributor as well as often underpaying and mistreating staff and garment workers. Instead, when buying second-hand, your money is supporting a more ethical industry with a lower carbon footprint and waste output, and you can find some amazing pieces for a bargain!

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Buying Directly from Artists

Creatives are some of those whose industry has been hit the hardest by lockdown restrictions, so supporting local artists is great for both your Christmas and yours. Most artists, and tattoo artists too, have a shop where you can buy prints, stickers, clothes and more showing off their work. A local example from Lincoln would be the tattoo artist Zoe Fraser who’s launched a shop selling her artwork as well as her new handmade earrings! Looking at an artist you love’s Instagram page is usually a good place to start to find links for their shops, but some sell through sites like Etsy too.

With plenty of ways to shop small this Christmas, what are you waiting for?