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How life as a Lincoln student compares to studying in Thailand

My goal after graduating from an undergraduate degree in Thailand was not finding a job but continuing a Master’s degree overseas. I was looking for a country that allowed me to explore and discover new things while studying, while also improving my ability. After searching around, I decided that the UK was the best place to do this and then I needed to think about which university to apply to.

I wanted a quiet city with an enjoyable vibe that was full of interesting places to walk around, and so chose Lincoln. Now I’m here I can say that there really is a strong educational vibe all around too, especially in the library.

The first thing I would recommend to all student is to stand in front of the David Chiddick Building and see the sun set. By the evening time, the view of the cathedral looks really amazing.

Pickey stood on the university bridge overlooking the Brayford

I am now studying MSc International Business which is different from my undergraduate course as I graduated from the faculty of agriculture. The reason why I continued to a business school is so that I can expand my study and in the future, I want to have my own international business. It could be based in Thailand or in a foreign country. Thus, I need to learn how to start an international business.

My Master’s degree has even been better than my high expectation. It is completely different from education in Thailand. At Lincoln, the academic staff expect more than just secondary data. They ask us to do more research and we have to express it as a reflection of what we have found. The tutor expects and encourages us to discuss the topic with the rest of the class to exchange ideas and experiences. In addition, they also expect more questions about what we are learning.

Assignments have challenged me in term of gathering information, but it helps me better understand the particular topic. It is not just copy and paste but we have to adapt what we learn inside, and outside, the class together. This is the heart of it.

I have been studying in Lincoln since January 2020 and it has changed the way I think. The University and lecturers have taught me to think more systematically and I have also improved my academic writing, which is one of the things I was concerned about. Furthermore, I have learned how to achieve goals while working as a team in a different environment. This involves learning how to solve problems as they happen, which has been very beneficial.

But you cannot expect everything to be done for you, it’s really important to engage with the rest of the class, including your friends and the tutor. If you do this then you will gain more experience and knowledge from the University of Lincoln. I believe that once I graduate from here, I could have a chance of starting my own business and succeeding in my career. I think the University of Lincoln creates quality students to work effectively to the social good. If that is what you want then it’s the perfect destination.

Written by Panalee “Pickey” Chuenjaichanok, MSc International Business student

Please note: This content was created prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, and some information might differ due to current laws and restrictions. Please refer to Government advice and the University of Lincoln for the latest information.

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