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It is the spooky season again and while it may not be the time for dressing up and trick or treating there is still a fair few things you can do to make this Halloween one to remember.

In this blog post I will be giving you some ideas to make the perfect (socially distanced) Halloween movie marathon. Making sure to give you tips on what movies are out there to hide behind your hands from and what snacks you could pair with it if you are feeling like going all out!

Films – From Animation to Pure Horror

Personally, I am not a massive fan of watching a movie that will make me sleep with the lights on. So those who worry about horror movies don’t worry I got you! I have included below three lists: Jump Scare Joy, Halloween Horrors and Careful Caspers. I will be including films that are on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ as the main streaming services but also know that you can rent movies very cheaply on YouTube.

Careful Caspers

For those who don’t want to worry about a broken nights sleep. The funny, ridiculous films that encapsulate Halloween:

  1. Hocus Pocus, Netflix & Disney+ – These three witches are only going to put a spell on you there is no need to worry too much…
  2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Available to Rent – As long as you don’t mind the time warp and a musical!
  3. The Addams Family, Netflix & NowTV – Surely I don’t need to introduce you to this famous family?
  4. Ghostbusters, NowTV – Which friends are you gonna call first?
  5. Beetlejuice, NowTV – Freddie Kruger calmed down a little bit. No need for distress.
  6. The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney+ – It may say Christmas but don’t you worry this is a perfect start to get in the holiday mood.
  7. Casper, NowTV – I can’t use him in the name and not tell you not to watch the Friendly Ghost.
  8. Little Shop of Horrors, Available to Rent – Another one for musical fans. Just don’t have your house plants too close when watching!
  9. Coraline, NowTV – Or is it Caroline? Another Tim Burton masterpiece.
  10. Corpse Bride, Netflix – Till death do us part.

Jump Scare Joy

For those who want to keep looking behind them. The unpredictable films that scream Halloween:

  1. The Conjuring, Netflix – A true story?
  2. Insidious, Netflix & Amazon Prime – A son a coma and lots of paranormal events.
  3. The Nun, Amazon Prime – I would suggest watching the trailer first and seeing if you can hack that.
  4. Sinister, Netflix – A mystery unsolved and tapes to watch. Screen Rant calls it the scariest movie of all time.
  5. Scream, Available to Rent – A little light relief with a few twist and turns.
  6. Paranormal Activity, Amazon Prime & BBC iPlayer – Shaky cameras and home videos.
  7. Annabelle, Netflix – As long as you don’t have dolls, go for it!
  8. A Quiet Place, Netflix – Tell your flat mates they can’t talk through this one.
  9. IT, Netflix – I hate to be obvious but there is a clown.
  10. The Woman in Black, Amazon Prime – Harry Potter without a wand and a woman in the window.

Halloween Horrors

For those who want to live their scariest and horror-fuled October. The films that are the most Halloween you can get:

  1. Halloween, NowTV – Obviously.
  2. Get Out, Available to Rent- I have also only just been told that there is an alternate ending…
  3. Us, Available to Rent – It’s like looking into a mirror.
  4. The Ring, Available to Rent – I can safely say I never walk into a dark room with a TV in it to this day.
  5. A Nightmare on Elm Street, Available to Rent – Sleep with the light on. Or just pull an all nighter.
  6. The Shining, Amazon Prime – Here’s Johnny!
  7. Carrie, Available to Rent – Nothing like a woman scorned.
  8. Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Netflix – Massacre means gore to me.
  9. Silence of the Lambs, Amazon Prime – I hate to be obvious but there is a clown.
  10. Lights Out, Amazon Prime – Extra points if you can watch it with the lights out.

Snacks – To Enjoy or to Use to Cover Your Face.

I think every good watch party needs food. If you are hosting you can buy snacks or make some that I list below that I’ve found for some ideas. Remember to have them at a place where you can grab them and then be socially distanced when watching the movie.

1. Candy Apples –

These can be a little bit sweet and a little bit tangy! It all depends on the apple. They are so easy to make and have a sweet tooth kick to them. I found the recipe on BBC Good Foods and their recipe cooks 8 apples and does it all in under 20 minutes. The sticks are also perfect as it means no one will be touching all of the apples!

Click on the link above to try out this recipe. It under the easy category, but if you are feeling adventurous you could try and recreate the apples from Snow White with the sugar dripping down and looking like eyes!

2. Halloween Pizzas –

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a takeaway but you want to have some quick any easy dinner? Done. Buy a pizza base (or make your own Gino D’Acampo), add your normal toppings and then to make things spooky put an olive in the middle and meat strips coming out from it. Viola! You have a spider pizza that I would happily let show up in my house anytime.

3.Dracula’s Dentures-

Want something unbelievably easy? Cut two biscuits in half, put red icing on both halves, stick marshmallows around and add two cut almonds. Here you have it Dracula’s teeth. If you want a more comprehensive recipe click the link above. Make sure that you put all the food in a place that everyone can get to whilst still distancing and that when making you are washing your hands. Halloween is spooky but there is no need for it to be dirty!

I hope this has given you some ideas for Halloween and that you have managed to find the perfect movie for you and your friends. Lets us know if you do a Halloween movie marathon by tagging us in any photos on Instagram: @uolstudentlife and I hope you have the spookiest Halloween you have ever had!

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